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MomsRising Newsroom

May 8, 2015
Statement “The Department of Labor has sent its new guidelines for overtime pay, which will expand the number of workers who are eligible for this crucial protection, to the Office of Management and Budget. We at MomsRising and our more than a million members are delighted at this action.   “For too long, too many workers have not been able to qualify for overtime, including many people living below the poverty line. They have been missing out on the pay that could make the difference between being able to put food on the table and sending kids to bed hungry.
April 15, 2015
Statement “Kids and their families across America can breath a sigh of relief as Congress renews funding for one of the most wildly successful programs in our country: The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Thanks in large part to the past success of CHIP, nearly 93% of children in the United States have health coverage. This means our children—and our nation’s future parents and workers—can grow up healthy and ready to learn in school.
April 14, 2015
Statement “April 14 is Equal Pay Day, which acknowledges that on average, it takes women 15 months to earn what men make in 12, and it takes women of color and mothers even longer. That means it can take women a quarter of a year or longer to catch up to men’s wages, and that’s just shameful.   “Today, two MomsRising members joined Senator Barbara Mikulski on Capitol Hill to share their stories about wage discrimination, including AnnMarie Duchon from Massachusetts, who discussed her seven year struggle with unequal pay.  
April 8, 2015
News release Members of – the online and on-the-ground organization for moms and everyone who has a mom – will present a giant "thank you" card, signed by 300 members, to Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings to thank him for his dedication to children’s health. The card delivery will be held in conjunction with the city’s announcement of a new campaign to enroll more eligible children and families living in Dallas in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).  
March 25, 2015
Statement “Today, the Paycheck Fairness Act was introduced once again in the House and Senate by Representative Rosa DeLauro and Senator Barbara Mikulski. While we praise these champions for their perseverance in pressing for this crucial bill, the moms of America are deply disappointed that this long overdue bill still is not the law of the land.  
March 18, 2015
Statement “More than two decades ago, Congress passed and the President signed into law, a groundbreaking bill that guaranteed most workers unpaid leave to attend to the arrival of a new child or to a family member’s medical needs. It was an important breakthrough, but it was only a first step. Today, we need paid maternity and paternity leave and paid leave for medical needs. Leave that would be guaranteed by the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act), introduced today by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Rosa DeLauro.  
March 10, 2015
Statement After years of pressuring fast food giants to stop marketing sugary sodas to children - Burger King has announced that it will be removing all soda pop products as a default option from their kids menus, effective immediately., joined by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, has been urging the chain to improve the nutritional quality of its kids' meals by removing soda from the kids menu.  
February 18, 2015
News release ANNAPOLIS – MomsRising members and their children, representing one of the more than 130 organizations behind the Maryland Campaign for Paid Sick Days, will be in Annapolis on Wednesday, Feb. 18 to deliver toy rocket ships and storybooks in support of the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act (SB 40/HB 385). Participants from across the state will remind policymakers that access to paid sick days boosts our families and the economy.  
February 12, 2015
Statement “On behalf of our more than one million MomsRising members across the country, I applaud U.S. Representative Rosa DeLauro and U.S. Senator Patty Murray for re-introducing the Healthy Families Act (HFA) today.   
January 31, 2015
News release OLYMPIA – On Monday, Feb. 2, over 20 high school students from the Redmond-area and Seattle will travel to Olympia, Washington to meet with legislators, sign-in in favor of and testify at a hearing in support for the Equal Opportunity Act and learn about the legislative process.