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Military Families

#MilitaryMonday: Army Birthday, More than Just Cake

June 12, 2017
Each time I tell my children they are attending an official ceremony, they immediately ask if there will be cake. They’ve quickly learned that Army ceremonies almost always include cake, even those that occur before most of the rest of the world is awake. Army Birthday The Army celebrates its...
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#MilitaryMonday: Staying in Touch When So Far Away

May 15, 2017
I am a military spouse. Since my husband, Rich, is in the Army Reserves, the role of military spouse does not occupy a whole lot of my head space—that is until he is deployed. We are in one of those times right now. The number of Americans currently serving in the military is a small slice of the U...

#MilitaryMonday: Freelancing—Being Your Own Boss and Being Happy!

May 1, 2017
One of the greatest struggles that I’ve had as a military spouse, harder than the separations, more trying than the unknowns, has been the act of leaving. Leaving family, leaving friends, leaving a home. For someone like myself who already struggles with opening up and allowing people to get to...
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#MilitaryMonday: Madre, esposa, inmigrante, soldado

April 25, 2017
Me llamo Brishithe Tovar y nací en Guatemala. Mi familia y yo emigramos a California cuando tenía 9 años después de que mi madre fuera asaltada a mano armada cuando tenía 6 meses de embarazo. El trauma y el estrés fueron tan severos que mi mamá desarrolló presión arterial peligrosamente alta y...
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#MilitaryMonday: Mom, Wife, Immigrant, Soldier

April 24, 2017
My name is Brishithe Tovar and I was born in Guatemala. My family and I migrated to California when I was 9 years old after my mother got robbed at gunpoint when she was 6 months pregnant. The shock and stress was so severe, my mom developed dangerously high blood pressure and temporary blindness,...
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#MilitaryMonday: Military Spouse-Owned Businesses Face Their Biggest Obstacle: The Military

April 17, 2017
Since 9/11, a new generation of military spouses has emerged; women and men married to service members who want to maintain a career or business as they follow their spouse where the military demands. The military lifestyle requires out-of-the-box thinking to create a transportable career and, with...
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#EqualPayDay: Pay Gap in the Military

April 4, 2017
It's #EqualPayDay again , and as I started the morning catching up on the news, I noticed several references on social media about the "myth" of the pay gap. I get it, we all have different points of view. I share a view based on facts, research, and actual experience. However, I am optimistic that...
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#MilitaryMon: Is Commissary Shopping the Best Way to Eat Healthy?

April 3, 2017
Tips on how to stay healthy while shopping at the commissary (or off base!).
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#MilitaryMonday: Why we need Congress to help more military families qualify for food aid

March 27, 2017
This op-ed originally appeared in t he San Diego Union-Tribune and was authored by Representative Susan Davis and Abby Leibman Imagine serving your country, but needing help to feed your family — and because of a quirk in the law, you don’t qualify for food stamps. This is the harsh, underreported...
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#MilitaryMonday: The New Military Parental Leave--What does it really mean?

March 27, 2017
Paid Family Leave for military families has rapidly changed in the past two years, and the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act brings even more changes. While some of these changes appear to be improvements for military parental leave, several points of the new law have left us with some...
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