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One less thing to worry about for Mother’s Day

May 12, 2014
Being a mother changes everything. Before you become a mother, people try to explain what that means – no sleep, no privacy (bathrooms seem to have an open door policy in my house), and your fashion sense goes out the window! The thing is, you can’t really know what it means until you are face to...
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Did You Know? Insuring Children is Never Out of Season! #insurekidsnow

May 12, 2014
As a school nurse, I remember overhearing a cashier at my local grocery store sharing with a colleague that her child was sick with asthma and spring allergies, but she did not have health insurance for him, so could not take him to a healthcare provider. In my purse was an application for the...
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Kids in California Are Eligible for No-Cost Medi-Cal All Year Round – Let’s Get Them Covered Today

May 12, 2014
Haga clic aquí para leer el artículo en español Summer is almost here and California Coverage & Health Initiatives (CCHI) and all our statewide members want California’s children to be healthy wherever they live and play. Studies show children with health coverage are more likely to thrive and...
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Financially Empowering Families by Connecting Them to Medicaid and CHIP

May 12, 2014
There are well-known reasons why promoting enrollment in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) makes sense for cities, but it isn’t just about better health outcomes—it’s also about financial empowerment . Just one medical emergency can bankrupt a family and cause devastating...
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Mom skills work at home and in DC

May 11, 2014
We know how busy you are, so in appreciation of all you do, we want to share 3 quick gifts from us to you on this special day: Laughter, Inspiration, and Back Up!
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Mom Taught Me To Be An Activist

May 11, 2014
I recently visited my mom for her birthday last week. She always possessed a practical, no-nonsense attitude. Mom is the personification of a hip 80 year-old, but she reminds me often that growing up during the Depression gives her the edge of realism. Her mind is as sharp as a tack, so even at her...
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My Mother's Day Tribute

May 11, 2014
Whenever she caught one of us gossiping or being petty, my mom used to say, There are three kinds of people in the world: People who talk about other people; people who talk about things; and people who talk about ideas. With those words, she made it crystal clear she expected us to grow up to be...
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Three lessons I learned from my mother, "the bike lady.”

May 11, 2014
My Mom has always lived life on her terms. Long before it was trendy, my mom rode her bicycle everywhere, even from Amherst to Boston to board a plane heading to England. In our town and beyond, she became known as the "bike lady." She cut a distinct image with grey hair, knee socks and mid-knee...

My mother taught me to break through the fourth wall

May 11, 2014
But as I reach the middle of my 40's, I realize the sheer joy found in making connections and living in the moment.
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Building an Economy that Works for All Moms

May 11, 2014
This Sunday, as we celebrate Mother’s Day and honor all of the extraordinary women who have cared for us, let’s recommit ourselves to building an economy that gives all moms the opportunity to care for their families.
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