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Environmental Health

Congress Quakes While Rubber Ducks Quack

May 29, 2008
Wow -- are we ever getting noticed in the halls of Congress these days! members have made it clear that we expect our government and business leaders to make sure all toys and children's products are safe.
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Get Toxics Out of our Baby Bottles!

April 26, 2008
I’ve never really been a purist when it comes to my kids. I must admit that they’ve consumed more than their share of Kraft macaroni and cheese. And when a friend announced that she was only going to give toys made of wood to her children, I just rolled my eyes.
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Sippy Cups and Burgers

February 19, 2008
We moms do our best to keep our families safe. But in light of recent safety news, I think we're going to go find Saddam Hussein's worm hole and take up residence there.
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Attack of the Killer Couches - Keep Toxins Out of Our Furniture!

February 3, 2008
BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY? Frogs are a semi-aquatic variety of the proverbial canary in the coal mine. Frogs are visibly sensitive to pollutants in their environment. Hermaphrodite frogs, five legged frogs and dwarfed frogs are being correlated with man made chemicals that are polluting in...
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Find (and avoid!) Toxic Toys with

December 13, 2007
As a mom who happens to be a scientist at an environmental health organization, I got a jump on cleaning the lead-laden toys out of my daughter's toy box.

Killer Couches in the U.S.A

August 24, 2007
MomsRising members are petitioning California leaders to pass AB 706 in order to ban toxic flame retardants in furniture. Sign the no toxic couches petition now by clicking here! With all the recent press about toxic lead paint on our children's toys, and the lack of press about toxic flame retardants in our furniture, I'm becoming convinced that our government has utterly lost the ability to protect us, and our children, from dangerous products. In fact, in California the government is responsible for requiring toxic flame retardants in my furniture! (Your furniture too, this is a national issue, CA is such a big market that most furniture makers produce products so they can sell in CA and don't do anything different for the rest of the states.)
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Important info on lead poisoning

August 8, 2007
MomsRising has been on the forefront of the effort to remove lead from kids' toys. Read the MomsRising petition to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Following the latest Mattel/Fisher Price recall this issue is really heating up. How ironic is it that lead paint is banned, but the toys themselves can be made of lead? Today's episode of the Diane Rehm Show covered this issue in admirable depth. This show is an absolute must-listen and is available free online from WAMU radio's site, or as a free podcast from iTunes.