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Black Lives Matter When Jesus is at the Center

February 22, 2016
This blog post originally appeared in The African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Minister's Coalition 4 Redemption & Justice , a growing group of AME clergy across the country uniting to stand against injustice in the criminal justice system in the United States. John 19:17-18 NKJ 17 And He, bearing...
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How the Media’s Rhetoric Criminalizes Young People of Color

February 22, 2016
On February 17, 2016, Media Matters for America and the Advancement Project hosted a panel in Washington, D.C. on how the media contributes to the criminalization of people of color. Panelists included Danielle Belton (, Judith Brown Dianis (Advancement Project), Cristina Lopez, (Media...
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Racial Disparities Rooted in History, Hold Back Our Economy

February 22, 2016
Note from author: I updated this piece from summer 2015 to reflect the latest poverty data. I believe that this piece is a good fit for MomsRising’s Black History Month blog carnival because there is a persistent and harsh legacy that confronts people of color, our families, and communities every...
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A Working Mom Black History Month Tribute: Grateful for my ancestors

February 22, 2016
"Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise. I rise. I rise." - Maya Angelou This blog post originally appeared in Chaton's World . A few words from the publisher: I submit this post about my gratitude to my ancestors because I stand on their...
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Why I'm Celebrating #BlackLatinxHistory This Month

February 13, 2016
This blog post originally appeared in Huffington Post . I'm so conscious of what I present to my daughter these days. You see, she's in the "like me" stage. She notices similarities and differences with the world around her. I provide her materials and visuals to reinforce, build and solidify her...
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#StoptheCuts and Fund What Matters for Safer Kids & Communities

October 22, 2015
As a nation, we’re living through a powerful moment of reflection on our country’s approach to criminal justice. Progress in states’ juvenile justice systems can offer insights into a better, fairer system – but only if the federal government makes good on its promise to fund what works. Too often...

Raising Revenues Must Be Central Goal of Budget Talks

October 21, 2015
Budgets are made up of equal parts spending out and revenue in. But budget negotiators in Washington this fall are talking only about what spending to cut, not what revenue to raise—even though there are tax loopholes to close that should draw rare bipartisan support and eliminate the need to cut...

Death By a Thousand Cuts

October 21, 2015
I grew up solidly middle class. So much has changed since then. We expect more. Two cars, not one. More than one television per household. Air conditioning, not fans. All the new gadgets. What has also changed is that health care costs have soared. Cars and housing take up a larger percentage of...
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Take Action!

#StopTheCuts Blog Carnival! Families & the Federal Budget

October 19, 2015
Our nation and our Congress have some momentous decisions to make in the coming weeks. Will we balance our nation’s budget on the backs of working families, which hurts our economy in the long-run, or will we instead end tax breaks for billionaires? Budget cuts proposed by the U.S. House of...
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Preserve tax credits so struggling families can do more than just survive

October 20, 2015
Since joining RESULTS earlier this year, I’ve learned to understand the power of my own voice. If I speak up and demand change — and if other ordinary people do the same — our elected representatives will listen. That’s why advocacy is such an incredible force. It has the capacity to transform...
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