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At MomsRising, we want your family to have the best - and safest - Halloween possible! From toxic chemicals to food allergies, there are many spooky things that could ruin the fun. We’ve rounded up our favorite tricks and treats to ensure a successful holiday.

Safe Costumes:

What's in the Halloween makeup? →  One in every five face paints tested by the researchers contained lead, a neurotoxin. Learn about what is hidden in children’s makeup and what you can do to take action against these dangerous chemicals.  

Are there toxic chemicals in your child’s “trick or treat” bag or Halloween costume? →   Dangerous chemicals like phthalates, flame retardants, vinyl (PVC) plastic, organotins, and even lead – all of which are on our Hazardous 100+ list.  Find out if your child’s costume is on this list and what you can do about it.  

Food Allergies:

Teal Pumpkin Project Makes Halloween Safe for Children with Food Allergies  →  The purpose of the Teal Pumpkin Project is not to penalize kids with severe allergies or take the fun Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating. It simply offers an alternative way to make Halloween safer and healthier for all children, including children with diabetes or celiac disease who can participate safely by choosing a non-food option instead of candy. Learn more to see how you can participate!

A Sweet AND Healthy Halloween? It's possible. Here's how.   →  Candy, candy, candy! From classroom parties to grocery store aisles to trick or treat hauls, Halloween seems like a night dedicated to the joys of sugar. It's okay to indulge and enjoy the holiday. But what about the leftover candy after the holiday is over? And is there a way to incorporate fun, healthy snacks into the season of excessive candy? Absolutely! Here are a few fun tips to help you come up with new, healthy ways to enjoy the holiday, as well as ideas on what to do with all that end of Halloween candy.

Fun Activities:

Treat Your Kids This Halloween With Social Emotional Skills →  In addition to candied apples and other tasty treats, Halloween can be a great time to treat you and your children to some holiday fun that also develops their social and emotional skills! Learn more with our fun activity!

Healthy and Creative Alternatives For Halloween →  Here are some fun yet healthy alternatives to the traditional sugar-filled Halloween!

Top 5 Green Halloween Party Tips →  Halloween is right around the corner! If you're hosting a Halloween party or event this weekend, try these easy tips to reduce waste, limit toxic chemicals, and make your jack-o-lantern even more festive.

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