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Parents Bill of Rights flyer
During March's #KeepMarching meeting, we dove deep into what the so-called “Parents Bill of Rights”is really about, the harm it will have on our kids and communities, and explored ideas for protecting our communities. We are very grateful to Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, MomsRising’s Executive Director...
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Toddler in field clapping
April was blooming with MOMentum. HUZZAH!
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On the radio show this week we cover the power of story (your story!!) and of narrative to change the world for the better; what’s happening with the Republican default debacle; cover the latest with the Chamber of Moms and how you can get involved; and hear about the fight for fair pay and a new...
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It is often the stories that we don’t share that are amongst the most important ones. I know that after I gave birth to my son 21 years ago no one knew that I was hardly eating and regularly crying both in private and in public. It was only years later that I felt comfortable sharing that with...
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Did you know that approximately 50% of the world's population speaks more than one language, while only about 20% of U.S. residents possess this skill? [1] These numbers are shocking. Growing up as a dual language learner, I can attest that being bilingual has opened up unique personal and...
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Quick signature: Thank Biden for his Executive Order to improve care! This week, the Biden/Harris administration issued a bold, transformative, and badly needed Executive Order to improve our nation’s care infrastructure. At a time when millions of families cannot access or afford the child care,...
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MomsRising members are on-the-ground right now at the NC General Assembly urging our state lawmakers to include funding for school meals for all in the budget this legislative session. Will you back us up? → Can you back us up by sending your lawmaker a note right now? Our message urging lawmakers...
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Raising kids is no joke. Working is no joke. Keeping a roof over your head, and trying your hardest to create the best life for yourself and your family is certainly not a joke. But what is a joke is knowing the solutions that help families thrive, but doing nothing. So far, no real significant,...
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This is not a drill! Republicans in Congress are manufacturing a MAJOR crisis and putting the health, education, and well-being of our families and economy on the line. Republicans are burying it in wonky language like “debt ceiling” and “deficit.” But we won’t be fooled! The reality is Speaker...
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Thank you, President Biden for the Executive Order on Care! And: The #CareCantWait movement, as well as the latest with access to abortioncare and how you can help! DESCRIPTION: On the radio show this week we cover the rise in power of care workers and care givers; the latest with access to...
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