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Raise Your Voice to Shutdown Berks!

March 19, 2018
Babies are being held in detention. Families seeking asylum - many of which are led by moms - are being held in prison-like facilities. Human rights abuses in the name of immigration enforcement are not okay. This is not the America we seek to build. We can do, and be, better. Our voices are needed...
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Support Students!

MomsRising Members Support Student Leaders on #GunSafety, Pt. 2

March 15, 2018
In support of student organizing for gun safety across over the nation yesterday, MomsRising members responded with a tidal wave of comments of support. Below are a few of the many messages of support we received from thousands of members who are lifting their voices to say #ENOUGH! #NeverAgain...
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Tune In!

Best Of Show Roundup on #RisersRadio!

March 19, 2018
Breaking Through is off this week, but we rounded up some of our favorite recent moments for this "Best Of" episode! This week we cover the intersection of art, culture, representation and politics with Jessica Byrd, a woman who was named the January Woman to Watch by Essence Magazine, “12 New...
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Black Women's Maternal Health and #MaternalJustice

March 19, 2018
Black women currently die from childbirth-related causes at 3-4x the rate of White women. This rate has not changed for almost six decades. Black mamas’ maternal mortality/morbidity is a continuation of ongoing systemic racism + oppression.
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#5Actions of the Week: March 16, 2018

March 16, 2018
Happy Friday! What a week, as over a million youth across the country spoke out about the urgent need for gun safety. We're so inspired by their leadership, and we vow to stand with them in the fight to make our schools and communities safe. This week's #5Actions lineup includes a pledge to stand...
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Join Us!

You're Invited to a Family Friendly Day of Action in Sacramento!

March 19, 2018
Have you been looking for a way to raise your voice for kids and families, and introduce your kiddos to activism, advocacy, and being a force for change? Well, save the date of Monday, April 23rd because you’re officially invited to a fun--and free !-- day of action with MomsRising and Common Sense...
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Take Action

Tell the Trump Administration NO to discrimination in health care!

March 15, 2018
What the what?! When it comes to health care, the patient should always come first. But a harmful and discriminatory rule proposed by the Trump Administration is opening the door to widespread discrimination toward women and LGBTQ+ people. Not okay. This new proposed rule would allow providers (...
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Get On The Map!

Read MomsRising Members' Support for Student Leaders on #GunSafety, Pt. 1

March 15, 2018
People from all over the country (and world!) have shown overwhelming support for the student leaders of the gun safety movement. See some of the powerful messages of support below, then add your name to our map and our message: "I'm with the students!"
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