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Will work for childcare

My husband and I found ourselves with a surprise pregnancy when our two children were 10 and 12. At the time I was working full time as a nanny. By the end of the pregnancy I was working for the same family part time. I took off just under a month and went back to work for them part time, toting along my tiny son. Hooray! A small paycheck and I was able to be with my baby. When he was 5 months old the family enrolled their daughter in full time daycare (it had been planned so I was aware of it) and so I decided to spend some time at home with my son. We were desperately needing a bigger home, so when he was 1 year old I went back to work at a daycare center I had worked at before nannying. Sadly money isn't great as a daycare worker but I get a big discount on my son's tuition and we are making enough to afford rent on a little house with a big fenced yard that we hope to be able to buy. My older 2 kids are in school during the day and my husbands home asleep. He works nights. They are old enough to come in and do homework while he sleeps. When he wakes up he makes dinner and gets ready for work. Then me and the youngest get home and my husband heads for work. He's the supervisor to a cleaning crew at a state office building. It's crazy but it's working for now.

Sandy, Washington