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Who can you trust to take of your precious children?

I was a single parent with four children, ages 2 -10. (I had left an abusive husband and was supporting all the children on my own.) I had a terrible time finding a day care provider, but was told that this certain provider was one that the Social Services recommended, so they would help with day care costs while I worked. I thought my children were going to be in good hands.

After working all day, I came to pick up my children from day care--only to find out that this woman had locked them outside all day long!! My poor children were cold, hungry and traumatized! Naturally, they never went to this provider again! I was broken-hearted that my children had suffered like this because I needed to go to work.

We need better protection and care for our children! Sincerely, Julie Elvin (now a Ph.D)