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We had a nanny who we shared...

We had a nanny who we shared with another family when my daughter was just under 2 years of age. The nanny turned out to be quite paranoid and thought that the other family was video-taping her in their home when she was watching our daughter and the other family's daughter. The other family was NOT video-taping her but the nanny just would not listen to reason and the nanny started claiming that she couldn't watch the children because she just didn't trust that she wasn't being videotaped. My big question was why would she care if she was being video-taped - what did she have to hide? Finally the other family fired her on the spot one day and we were without childcare right then and there. I went from a full-time working Mom to a full-time-stay-at-home-Mom in less than 24 hours. We never hired another nanny after that horrible experience. What a nightmare! I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy!