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The Day Care My University Recommended

I work at a university. The day care my son was in last year was recommended by this university. This is the type of service we got: * all the kids' noses were always runny, whenever I came in -- my son had a cold all year; * the place smelled like urine * there was sometimes a different teacher each time I went in; the first teacher we had (whom we did like, though and who did stay for a while) was 18 years old! * there was no structure, and whenever I came in, the kids were just running around and playing by themselves; the new teachers did not know how to control the kids; * another girl in my son's class was getting repeatedly bitten, and was pulled out in the end * we paid for all the days my son was not there, including Christmas and days when they sent us home because of snow. Needless to say, we were not happy with this day care that will remain nameless. We are moving our son to a privately owned day care, whose owner has been in the business for thirty years. We are hoping the experience will be at least a little better. I feel that anyone can take care of kids. You need no training or skills, or even affinity toward small children.