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The Cost of Childcare is Crippling America's Middle Class.

The cost of childcare is an enormous burden to my family. Both parents have to work but the cost of childcare ($13,000 for childcare/preschool and $3,000 for aftercare) has meant that we have fallen deeper and deeper into debt.

For the past year I have been unemployed, so even though my daughter would benefit from at least part-time preschool, I have had to deny her that benefit. Additionally, I am forced to consider only those jobs that would cover the cost of childcare plus a significant amount over that just to make ends meet. This puts me out of contention for some very good jobs that have lower salary ranges.

I know I am not alone. A vast swath of the middle class faces the same economic challenges. And it is crippling all of us.

Where is America's support of 'the family?' There is a lot of TALK about 'family values' but not a lot of money where the mouth is!

When is this country going to join the rest of the civilized western world (our allies) and provide quality childcare, quality national healthcare for all and guaranteed higher education? If England and Norway and Sweden and a host of other nations can do it, why is America failing so badly????