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Teachers affording childcare? Yeah right...

I was a teacher at the local high school for 7 years. When I got pregnant for the first time, I wanted to do everything...continue teaching in my FFA program AND raise a baby. Turns out it was a hard match. Adding my daughter to my health insurance was one thing (I went from paying $15/month to $280/month!) AND my new expense, DAYCARE, was crazy. I dropped 1/4 of my monthly income to daycare, 1/4 to health care, and 1/8 to the extra gas. It was NOT worth it. I couldn't afford to teach. I was in the middle of a Master's program, and although I still finished and received my Master's, I could not afford to teach. Now I have two children. I am really enjoying the time at home with my children (of course!) but I would definitely not be able to afford daycare now. I would pay out half my paycheck!

I should also say that I was so sad the day I took my 10 week old to meet the babysitter. I knew she would be great, but it was just a horrible feeling, to know that my baby was going to spend some of her special first weeks with someone she didn't even know. It was very bittersweet. Although the babysitter was awesome, it broke my heart. I always felt like there was this string tugging at my heart, ALL DAY, pulling me toward my baby! I couldn't stay after school with my after school program anyway! I HAD to come home to my munchkin!

Now I own a small business and work out of my house contracted by a large trucking company to find freight for their truck drivers. I'm not raking in the big bucks but I'm home with my babies and I don't have to pay for childcare! So I pretty much make the same as I did teaching!!! Hahaha!!