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Quality child care is difficult to find

Quality child care is difficult to find. Affordable quality child care is non-existent. And it's almost impossible to run a household on one income these days. We have paid over $15,000 a year for childcare for our kids. And no matter which way we slice it, we are barely making it. However, having one person stay home hasn't been an option. Until we had a 2nd child, then we realized, on an average middle class income, we could no longer afford child care. Now, we are trying to figure out a new way to give our kids the social outlet they need, and still make ends meet on one income. Even co-op preschools are a couple hundred a month at least, and for a family with a budget of $400 a month for food and about $50 in disposable income, it's just not affordable. We need better support for our kids and families in this country that supposedly "supports family values." I'm so glad MomsRising is here to help us mobilize!

Leah, Washington