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Every Area Should Have Support Networks Like Those in Wealthy Areas

While living in California, quality early education/childcare cost as much as I was making. Not having a career position as an executive assistant, leaving the workforce seemed the best option, given that I would be working to hold a place in a career path that was my second choice. (I have a Masters in English.) Even as a stay at home mom, though, (in California and now in Indiana) finding quality affordable preschools is a challenge. Co-operatives are the most cost effective, but full-time moms need preschool not only for the benefits it provides their children, but for the break it provides the mom. Moms are better at being moms when they get spelled every now and then. LaFayette Nursery School in California is an awesome school. Contra Costa County in California does a great job in supporting small children and their caregivers. Tot Drop, an hourly by appointment preschool environment is an amazing program. The park district programs in the LaFayette, Moraga and Ornida area are exemplary.