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Early Childhood Education and Assistance Helped My Preemie Thrive

Emma is my 5-year-old. She was born weighing 1lb 3oz and was 11in long. She spent her first 4 months of life in the NICU. When she was born I was not given very much hope for her future. She has worked hard from the day she was born to prove the doctors wrong. Emma entered ECEAP [Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program] at age 3 and started with just special services. She needed physical therapy to help her not only master some gross motor milestones but also to help her with self-regulation, impulse control and pre-planning. At 3.5 she was able to enter the classroom and receive physical therapy during school. She just graduated from physical therapy and is now developing on track with her peers. She started Kindergarten in the Fall without an IEP. I know that her success is in large part because of the 2 years she has been in the ECEAP program. I wish that Jadyn would have had the same opportunity. ECEAP works; I have seen it with my own child. 

Daree, Spokane Valley, WA