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Because the cost of childcare is so high, it sometimes is not worth it to work.

I want to share a quick story. I started my federal career in November of 2005 as a federal contractor with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I had 2 little ones when I started working and during my time working at CDC I conceived another child and had a son. My cost for childcare for 3 children was $360.00 per week and that was a discounted fee for parents with multiple children. Starting off, my salary was $34,000.00 and that meant after I paid childcare each week, I had roughly $100.00 left to take care of gas, groceries, etc. My husband and I soon decided after trying to maintain for a year and 2 months that we would be better off if I stayed home with my kids until 2 of them were at least in Kindergarten.

I left my job in April of 2008 becuase the cost of childcare was too expensive and I do not understand how the cost of an essential service for working adults can be so high that it can ultimately push a family to stop working instead of encouraging parents to continue to work by lessening the cost of childcare. I am not the only one who goes through this. It often seems as if you must choose; career or parent. I know many people who decide to stay home and not even attempt to work becasue they know how much childcare cost. I dont think it is fair for someone to have to choose career over parenting or vise versa.

Please regulate the cost of childcare or fund programs that will provide an alternative for parents who wish to advance their career and raise a family simeltaneiously. Often times, if we can make it through the childcare days, our careers have moved forward and finances are not an issue any longer but we often are not given a chance to progress.

Thanks for listening.

LaShea Davis