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As two professionals living the American Dream...

As two professionals living the American Dream (well, sort of--too bad about that mortgage thing and associated housing bubble) we need to work. We have a pre-K and an infant. Finding decent day-care is like scouring the classified ads for '58 Buick parts--you got Chrysler parts, Chevy Parts, '52 Buick parts but no '58 parts.

I spend hours and hours calling, visiting, filling out applications, giving application fees and in the end I settle on a care provider. Except he just took a job with another family. The clock is ticking and I need to get back to work! We basically start the process all over again and another week or two passes. Finally (after searching ardently for about a month) we find someone who's available, affordable, doesn't smell bad nor smokes, and speaks English.

It's the Wild West out there and very frustrating. Far harder than finding a job.

Don't even get me started about the pain and anguish required to lawfully pay taxes for your nanny. Royal. Pain. I'm the only person I've EVER talked to that actually withholds taxes, pays the IRS, etc.

Anonymous, Washington