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As a grandmother I had the opportunity to see 1st hand...

As a grandmother, I had the opportunity to see 1st hand the struggles of my daughter's trying to find trustworthy, affordable daycare for my grand children. My husband and I even picked up the cost of the $150-$225 weekly daycare so that my daughters could afford to work and contribute to the family finances. Not that we could easily afford it, we made sacrifices for our children and grandchildren but to us it was worth it. My biggest fear is that the cost of daycare is out of reach for most Americans to afford so they are left depending on someone to care for their child who might not be the best person. My biggest fear is not knowing what might be going on with an individual and my child if he/she is left in that type of situation. We have had a good experience with the daycare provider we used for our granddaughter but not without sacrifice on our part to afford it.

Cheryl, Texas