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May 8, 2017
News release WASHINGTON -- Today, May 8th, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed SHB 1445, legislation expanding access to dual language learning in schools across Washington State.  The bill is a culmination of years of work from educators, organizers and grassroots leaders to equip classrooms for Washington’s students that honors the increasing diversity of language and culture represented in the State’s schools.  
May 4, 2017
Statement “The vote today in the House of Representatives to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is irresponsible, damaging and a shameful instance of lawmakers putting partisan interests ahead of the country’s interests. The bill the House passed would take coverage away from 24 million people, decimate our nation’s cherished Medicaid program, and gut protections for those with pre-existing conditions. It would make health insurance less affordable, less accessible and less comprehensive for the families that need it most. It is nothing less than an assault on our health.
May 3, 2017
Statement WASHINGTON DC -- Earlier this week, Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue signed a proclamation that weakens Obama-era healthy school lunch standards. The standards are part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 and were advocated by Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. For the last five years, schools have worked hard to reduce the calories, fat and sodium in their cafeteria meals, and must increase the amount of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and nonfat milk offerings to students. With great success, over 99 percent of schools are already meeting the standards. 
May 3, 2017
Statement “The Affordable Care Act (ACA) prohibits health insurers from refusing to cover people who have pre-existing conditions, or charging them more because of their pre-existing conditions. There is simply no acceptable substitute for that guarantee.  
May 2, 2017
Statement “Despite its deceptive name, the Working Families Flexibility Act would not offer real flexibility to working families and would instead rob employees of their right to be compensated fairly for extra time they work. This bill is a wolf in sheep’s clothing – and working parents aren’t fooled. The legislation the House passed today is an anti-worker bill.
May 1, 2017
Statement WASHINGTON DC --  According to recent news reports, Republicans in the House of Representatives have resurrected plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, after Rep. Tom MacArthur introduced an amendment to the American Health Care Act that has the support of the House Freedom Caucus.
April 26, 2017
Statement “The tax proposal the Trump administration outlined today would be a disaster for the country. It rewards the wealthy and corporations while hurting moms, working families, and our economy. It would cut the corporate tax rate by 60 percent, losing $2.4 trillion over 10 years.
April 20, 2017
Statement “Leaders in Congress have managed to take a bad health care proposal and make it even worse in the U.S. House of Representatives measure that was leaked today. This is yet another heartless attempt to appease extreme members of the conservative right, without regard for what is best for mothers, families, and our economy.
April 13, 2017
Statement “President Trump’s threat to withhold the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) subsidies is nothing less than a threat to sabotage the health coverage that millions of families rely on for life-saving care.   “Withholding these payments would destabilize the insurance markets and cause the premiums that families pay to skyrocket. His threat is heartless and shows complete disregard for our children and families.   
April 11, 2017
Statement MARYLAND -- Over the weekend, state legislation to significantly restrict disciplinary actions like suspensions and expulsions of public school students in pre-K through second grade passed over Republican opposition. The new law will ban expulsion as a penalty for children in almost all cases, and restrict the use of suspensions only to narrow, case-by-case circumstances.   In response to the bill’s passage, Monifa Bandele, Vice President at MomsRising, issued the following statement: