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Childcare & Early Education

Who Loves Working Women More? Playing the New Political Football in Virginia

October 15, 2009
Well, here we go again. Virginia seems to be stuck rehashing the culture wars of the 1980's in their Governor's race, but with a new twist. Instead of one side demonizing working women, both sides are loving us up (although one could argue at times it's still a bit patronizing). Seems that...
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Sex, Love and Labor Statistics

September 28, 2009
On NPR this week, I was asked if there’s any good in the new statistics showing that women now outnumber men in the work force. Maybe. If it lets us embrace women as breadwinners, I said, that would be healthy. Even healthier: If men do their part at home and free women to keep the kinds of jobs...
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Part-time Lover

September 16, 2009
“Are you a stay-at-home mom?” It’s a common question when I’m at the local playground with my two kids, yet I’m finding my answer to be more uncommon than I ever expected.

Affordable, quality preschool and childcare---yes please!

September 15, 2009
In a moment of maternal defeat, I decided that my son's future wife will just have to deal with his attachment to pacifiers. Yes, we all have our early challenges. And some, like affordable quality preschool and childcare, are bigger than others. So, it's music to my ears that Congress just introduced the new Early Learning Challenge Fund to Address some key early learning challenges.
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A mom and an advocate for high quality preschool

September 15, 2009
As an advocate, I want to see the millions of vulnerable children realize their potential. As a mom, I want my son and daughter to grow up with other kids who share their love of learning. By raising the quality of our nation’s early childhood education programs and increasing access to them, we can fundamentally change not only our children’s future, but our nation’s as well.

Coming This Fall: Larger Class Sizes

July 26, 2009
Despite billions of dollars in stimulus funds pumped into school systems across the country, districts in urban and rural settings alike will open their doors this fall with as many as 45 students in class. I have written about this before, but still, reading this story by the Associated Press left...
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Gillibrand: Make Child Care Affordable and Take the Burden Off Working Parents

July 6, 2009
More parents than ever are balancing work and raising children. When I was growing up, just over one-third of mothers with young children worked outside the home. Today, it’s nearly two-thirds. The cost of quality child care is steadily increasing across New York. families across New York are...
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What a Girl Wants: Mixed Messages in Twilight

June 20, 2009
When my daughters, now ages 22 and 25, were growing up, I knew better than to forbid them to do something. It’s the quickest way to make that forbidden activity all the more tempting. I find it interesting that Stephanie Meyer’s novel Twilight has an apple on its cover, the original forbidden fruit...

Time to Turn Over Those Couch Cushions!

June 19, 2009
If my family budget was in such deep crisis that I didn't have enough money to feed my kids, I would turn over every cushion looking for spare change, get a weekend job, or sell things in a yard sale. I'd do anything I could to find new ways to bring new money in the door before eliminating the...
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In what universe are candy bars NOT junk food?

June 17, 2009
Which of the following is considered a junk food according to national school nutrition standards? A. Hi-C Blast - vitamin fortified sugar water B. Poland Springs seltzer water - water with bubbles C. French fries D. Candy Bars If you guessed A, C or D you'd be wrong. Believe it or not, seltzer...
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