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Congress is getting a little scary this Halloween season. In the budget debate, key programs for families, like affordable child care and preschool are on the chopping block.

We've had enough with tricks! We’ve decided to make sure the voices of families are heard in the halls of Congress by spreading a little Halloween treat.

Thousands of Parents and kids have already used our fun Congressional-Halloween-Costume-Creation-Station to create unique cards for Congress members with an important message.  But we need more electronic cards for moms and kids to directly deliver on Halloween.  Why take 30 seconds to make an electronic card now? Because this Halloween nobody wants our country to get even spookier for kids.

Help us fill the Halls of Congress: Take a quick moment to use our easy, quick, interactive Halloween card station to send a note to your members of Congress:

*We're personally delivering cards to Congress on Halloween to make sure the voices of families are really heard.  Create your quick, electronic card today! 

We all know that kids need more than costumes this Halloween: They need a strong education foundation to help them achieve their dreams. With quality, affordable child care and preschool we can make sure our kids are ready for school and life (and we can get parents back to work, while their children have a safe, enriching place to be during the workday).

You see, for Halloween, kids can be anything they want to be for a day. But, with quality, affordable child care and preschool our children can have the foundation they need to be whatever they want to be for the rest of their lives.

Don't let extremists in Congress scare child care and preschool out of the budget this Halloween season.

And please pass this Congressional-Halloween-Costume-Creation-Station along to your friends and family by forwarding this email now--and by posting the Congressional-Halloween-Costume-Creation-Station link above on Facebook too--so we can work together to make sure the U.S. budget does not get any spookier for families!

Together we are a powerful voice for children and families! 

P.S. In the D.C. area?  Join us on Halloween at 10am on Capitol Hill.  Babies, kids, friends, and everyone in costume (or not) are welcome on this trick-or-treating Halloween card delivery to Congress!  RSVP

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