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Breaking Through: Black Maternal Health Week, Stop Banning Books, Art as a Tool for Activism, and Fighting Back Against Moms (Against) Liberty

April 10, 2023
DESCRIPTION: On the radio show this week, we cover the latest with Black Maternal Health Week; how to help stop the banning of diverse books by a small group of very loud far right extremists; the ways in which art is a tool for activism which can change culture and public policy; and we close the...
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Breaking Through: Freedom Dreams, Addressing Childhood Hunger, Stopping Gun Violence, and Healthcare Access

April 3, 2023
DESCRIPTION: On the radio show this week, we cover Freedom Dreams to create a better future where everyone can thrive; addressing childhood hunger in America; how you can help stop gun violence in our nation; and access to healthcare. Through the show, we give tips for activism and ways to help...
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Breaking Through: Moms Rising for Freedom Agenda & Against #PoliticsOverParents

March 27, 2023
DESCRIPTION: On the radio show this week we cover the attack on parents and teachers through ugly, divisive legislation designed to undermine public education by bringing censorship, bigotry and strife into our schools. This legislation may be masquerading as a bill of rights but it is actually a...
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Breaking Through: Direct Democracy, Fair Immigration Policies, Building the Bench of Leaders, and LGBTQIA+ Rights!

March 20, 2023
On the radio show this week, we cover direct democracy, ballot initiatives, and how you can help shape our nation; we also hear the latest in the fight for fair immigration policies and how you can help; discover how build the bench of local leaders and why that’s so important; and we hear about...
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Breaking Through: #JobsWith Justice #CareCantWait #ThePowerOf YourStory #Medicaid

March 6, 2023
On the radio show this week, we cover the power of advancing jobs with justice; we hear about the #CareCantWait momentum that’s growing for fair pay for care workers, paid family/medical leave, childcare, and home- and community-based services; hear about our power at the ballot box, as well as...
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Breaking Through: Stopping Attacks on Black Studies, Debt Ceiling, Tax Reform, and Compassion

February 28, 2023
On the radio show this week, we cover the harmful effects of the recent attacks on Black studies and literature – and what you can do to help stop them; and we also cover the debt ceiling debate and how it could impact programs moms care about, including healthcare, SNAP, child care, and more; how...
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Breaking Through: Abortioncare, Representation Matters, Ending Mass Shootings, and Why Public Policies Must Cover People of All Genders

February 21, 2023
On the radio show this week, we cover the continued outrageous attacks on access to abortioncare and reproductive health medications including Mifepristone; why representation matters and how you can run – or help someone run - for office; the tragic rise in mass shootings and what you can do about...
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Breaking Through: Laughter Can Change the World, Keeping Our Eye on Justice, & Fighting Racism

February 13, 2023
On the radio show this week we cover how laughter has the power to change public policy and bring people together; hear tips from inside the Beltway on how to make your voice most effectively heard by Congress from outside the Beltway; discuss how case law and judicial elections aren’t something...
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Breaking Through: Standing Up Against Police Violence, Updates on Your Taxes, and More!

January 31, 2023
On the radio show this week, we cover the importance of taking action to prevent police violence, mass criminalization, and mass incarceration by investing in non-carceral systems of health, safety, and care — and how to talk with kids; we also cover what’s happening with taxes and you; tips for...
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Breaking Through: Abortion Care, New Healthcare Coverage Options, Top 10 Policies in 2023, and Fighting Back Against Harmful DisInfo Campaigns

January 26, 2023
On the radio show this week we cover the continued fight for access to abortion care, how organizations like UltraViolet are holding corporations accountable and their top priorities; we also cover the new national health care provisions available to you, including: a permanent option for 12-month...
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