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Health Care

Protect our Kids from Toxic Chemicals!

July 30, 2009
Want to say goodbye to those ever increasing parental worries about toxic chemicals used in everything from sunblock to beach balls, and even canned peaches? So do we! We're sick and tired of reading report after report about dangers associated with the products we use everyday: Biphenol-A (BPA) in...
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Moms In Business Speaks Out for Healthcare Reform

July 19, 2009
Dear Moms, I wrote the following letter to President Obama the day following my last chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. He asked for ideas, and I was ready to give them. I'm not sure the day after chemo or even a week after chemo was the best time to sit down and write a letter to the...

Declare Your Independence From Toxic Chemicals!

July 4, 2009
This July 4, MomsRising is urging our members to declare independence from toxic chemicals and become part of the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families campaign! At MomsRising, we hear from members all the time who are deeply concerned about dangerous chemicals in the environment and in the products we...
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Time to Turn Over Those Couch Cushions!

June 19, 2009
If my family budget was in such deep crisis that I didn't have enough money to feed my kids, I would turn over every cushion looking for spare change, get a weekend job, or sell things in a yard sale. I'd do anything I could to find new ways to bring new money in the door before eliminating the...
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A Mom's Story: Why I Speak Now for Kids

June 17, 2009
First, I want to thank MomsRising for allowing me space on your blog. I am a mom of two great kids, Madeline (4) and Eli (19 months). I want to share why I am passionate about why health reform needs to work for kids and how I got involved in the Speak Now for Kids campaign. When my daughter was 10...

In what universe are candy bars NOT junk food?

June 17, 2009
Which of the following is considered a junk food according to national school nutrition standards? A. Hi-C Blast - vitamin fortified sugar water B. Poland Springs seltzer water - water with bubbles C. French fries D. Candy Bars If you guessed A, C or D you'd be wrong. Believe it or not, seltzer...
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Act now to protect Children's Health Insurance in Texas

May 29, 2009
Julie Pippert writes of the battle to protect CHIP in Texas. You can act now to voice your support of CHIP in Texas. And, as more states face budget shortfalls, protecting CHIP/SCHIP in your state will be an issue to keep watching- in California, Gov. Schwarzenegger "may eliminate the State...
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Speak Now For Kids!

May 28, 2009
Just like parents all across the country, you probably have stories to tell about your children’s health care experiences. No one needs to hear these stories more than the members of Congress who are making decisions right now about the future of health care in America. I am director of Medicaid...
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Autism Linked to Schools Built Near Toxic Waste Sites

April 16, 2009
I still can’t get over that there are so few and no federal law preventing the building of schools on or near sources of pollution no matter how many times I say it out loud or write it down.
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Why is the CPSC Denying the Risks of Chemical Exposure for Kids?

April 3, 2009
When I became a mother, I always thought that I could trust products that I purchased for my children. Now, every day, it seems, a new scientific study emerges showing chemical exposure in products we once thought to be safe. How did this happen?