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MomsRising in West Virginia

August 18, 2022
What is MomsRising? MomsRising is a network of people just like you, united by the goal of building a more family-friendly in West Virginia and across America. Join MomsRising Today What does MomsRising do? We take on the most critical issues facing women, mothers, and families by educating the...
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New Yorkers: Find out if you qualify for child care subsidies

August 17, 2022
Good news for families across New York State: expanded eligibility for child care subsidies is here! In simple terms, this means that the income eligibility for child care subsidies has expanded! As of August 1st, in New York, families of 2 earning up to $54,930 and families of four earning up to $...
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Make Sure Your Child Has All The Essentials For A Productive School Year!

August 9, 2022
Studies have shown that academic performance and health insurance go hand in hand. Children who have health coverage miss fewer classes and perform better in school than those who are uninsured. But health coverage doesn’t just benefit students. Fewer missed days of school also mean fewer missed...
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Kansas Got it DONE! Let’s Keep the Pressure On for Abortion Care

August 16, 2022
On Tuesday in Kansas, 59% to 41% of people of all genders came together in record numbers to protect their communities and abortion access in the state to reject anti-abortion extremism and the dangerous post-Roe world the U.S. Supreme Court created. The fight for abortion rights in Kansas is years...
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Brand New Breaking Through Episode: Celebrating Kansas, Moving Forward Tax Fairness, Getting Affordable Drugs, and a new Paid Leave PAC

August 9, 2022
On the #RADIO show this week, we celebrate the abortion-care victory in Kansas, cover how YOU can help move forward tax fairness and affordable prescription drugs, and find out about a new way the fight for paid family/medical leave is moving forward! *Special guests include: Emily Wales, Planned...
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My Homage to Child Care

August 10, 2022
Last Friday was my daughter’s last day in her pre-k program. We found the program when we bought our house in 2019, a much simpler time, pre-pandemic. We toured a couple local centers, but ultimately fell in love with this one because of their play-based learning curriculum, the inclusion of nature in the program, and the amazing teachers.
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Top #5Actions of the Past Week: Friday, August 5, 2022

August 5, 2022
We have a win to celebrate! This week we saw a big win in Kansas to protect abortion rights because everyday people like you stood up, voted, and made their voices heard! Now – in no small part due to your efforts – we have an opportunity to help move another wave of progress forward with the...
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We’ve added onto President Biden’s Executive Orders.

August 3, 2022
Since the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade took effect, we’ve been doing everything we can to secure our reproductive rights for every single person, in every single state. Their decision reversed our right at the national level to choose when, and if, we want to have children...
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