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Gobble Up Your November MOMentum!

December 1, 2023
This month, MomsRising community members like you powered an awesome wave of election wins (we’re looking at you, Ohio!!!), helped mom volunteers build their power and change the world, played a pivotal role in paid leave policy progress in North Carolina, and so much more.
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Behind-the-Scenes for Parents: School Lunch Challenges

November 29, 2023
A look inside school cafeterias to see the challenges school nutrition directors face, and how parents can help! Eight states provide free school meals for all schoolchildren; MomsRising members in North Carolina are hoping for our state to become the ninth state to provide free breakfasts and lunches for all its students.
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Will we see you on Dec. 9 at our annual Washington State town hall? RSVP Now!

November 27, 2023
Can we count on you to join us for a FREE, fun, and powerful town hall on Saturday, December 9th from 11am to 12:30pm? It’s time to come together for the upcoming Washington State legislative session and that means making sure our stories are heard! We'll hear from MomsRising leaders as we launch...
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Georgia Mom Power UP!

November 21, 2023
I am a MomsRising volunteer Beacon community leader in Georgia. Three other Georgia Beacon volunteers and I recently organized an in person MomsRising Meet-up in Atlanta. The four of us invited our friends and family to join the gathering, and we ended up having about 50 people there ranging in age...
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Breaking Through: Victories at the Ballot Box!

November 20, 2023
On the radio show this week, we cover the recent victories at the ballot box with Moms (Against) Liberty losing the majority of their extremist school board races across the nation, voters ensuring that their children don’t have fewer freedoms than they did in Ohio, and democracy rising throughout...
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The Genius of Care - CareFest Celebrates the Power and Case for Care

November 22, 2023
In 2022, Build Back Better - a transformative care infrastructure package for child care, paid family and medical leave, elder and disability care, along with job growth and fair pay for care workers- very nearly became law when it was brought forward by the White House, passed the U.S. House, and...
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Protect WIC and Child Care!

November 9, 2023
The countdown has begun….again! I know it seems like we are always up against a critical deadline, and that’s often the case – and this critical deadline is a really, really big one! Congress needs to take action to keep the government funded by November 17th….and they also MUST pass emergency...
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I Know the System & Still Failed at Times

November 9, 2023
When I was a kid, whenever I ever asked my mother a question, her answer always started with “the Mother’s Handbook says…” Then she would make some ridiculous answer up, and yet somehow I still believed her every time. So, when I became a mom I was quite disappointed to find out there was no “...
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