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MomsRising Newsroom

April 2, 2008
News release HARTFORD – Supporters of the campaign for paid sick days gathered in the Legislative Office Building to hand-deliver apples bearing messages from Connecticut residents urging state legislators to pass legislation guaranteeing paid sick days (SB 217). Online grassroots and on-the-ground organization,, helped coordinate the effort to generate the messages.  
March 5, 2008
News release To support the 40,000 kindergarteners who are home alone after the school day ends, over the last week has generated 40,000 emails to Congress urging lawmakers to reject the President’s proposal to slash funding for afterschool programs.
February 20, 2008
Statement MomsRising is a fast-growing online grassroots organization that works to promote and advocate for family-friendly policies. The policies that form the core of MomsRising’s agenda are spelled out the word MOTHER.   “M” is for paid maternity and paternity leave “O” is for open flexible work “T” is for technology we choose and other afterschool programs “H” is for healthcare “E” is for excellent childcare, and 
February 1, 2008
News release Healthcare for all! Support my family - Natalie, 2 months.   All Kids deserve Healthcare. I heart health - Zoe, 2/22/07.   I'm worth the effort.   Quality Care for Kids!      Me or $?