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Paid Family Leave

Do Stay-At-Home Moms Need a Fair Pay Act?

February 26, 2008
Written by Nanette Fondas and Katie Bethell A stay-at-home mother doesn't get a paycheck, so she might wonder if the Fair Pay Restoration Act impacts her life. At first glance it appears not, but a closer look shows that it does affect her and that all moms -- regardless of their stay-at-home or working mother status -- would be wise to support it.
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Are Moms Really Ready For Change?

February 22, 2008
A few days back I was talking with a working mom who is newly pregnant. She's someone I really like and respect. Anyway, I asked her what she intended to do regarding maternity leave and she told me she expected that she would take a few weeks off from work.

What Every New Parent Needs To Know About Family Leave

January 23, 2008
Cookie magazine laid out all the federal and state protections for parents who must take leave for a new baby. Admittedly, it isn’t much, but it is something every new parent should know: "Family and Medical Leave Act
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Your Experiences & Signatures Needed!

May 29, 2007
Yesterday, I stubbed my toe and found myself hopping on one foot, saying "Ouch, ouch, ouch!," while my children looked on with amused expressions. My daughter, age eight, blurted out, "Look it's 'Pain Family Leave!'" Of course, my toe immediately felt better and I had to giggle. But some corporate interests really do think paid family leave is a "pain"—and shame on them! *Sign our petition and also share your thoughts and experiences with businesses after reading this full post. To share your experiences, just click the blog title above, or click on the "Read full post" link below. Then scroll down to the end of web page--through all of the comments/blog text--to the "Post a Comment" section. Fill in the blanks with your text. Then when you are finished don't forget to click the "Post Comment" button at the very bottom of the page.
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Baby shirts with hand painted messages to support paid family leave in New York.

The Power of ONEsie!

March 24, 2007
Imagine a beautifully presented long chain of decorated baby onesies stretching all around your state capital as a visual representation of the real people who need the policies being debated inside the imposing buildings. Each onesie signifies one person--mother, father, child, grandmother,...
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Listening: We're all ears!

March 10, 2007
We're listening hard! We'd love to hear your comments about what you'd like to see on the MomsRising website and in the e-alerts. *To share your ideas, just click the blog title above, or the "Read full post" link below. Then scroll down to the end of the comments/blog text to "Post a Comment."
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Got a story to share? Tell your sick days saga here!

February 28, 2007
We want to hear your stories about the sick days you receive at work--or about your lack of sick days. What's happening in your life with this important issue? Do you have enough sick days? What happens at your work when people get sick? *To share your story, just click the blog title above, or the "Read full post" link below. Then scroll down to the end of the comments/blog text to "Post a Comment."
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Great Read! The Care Crisis

February 28, 2007
If you have time to read just one article this week, then check out the cover story in The Nation, "The Care Crisis," by Ruth Rosen at: It's a timely, articulate argument about why, "Working mothers can't pamper their stress away--their balancing act needs a political fix." Read it, then act!
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Share Your Family Leave (or lack there of) Story Here!

January 10, 2007
Have you needed to take time off for family responsibilities? Did you have paid leave? What happenned? Do tell! *After you submit your comments on the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) via e-mail to the Department of Labor (e-mail: ), please share your comments, and personal stories, here. To share your comments and stories, just click the blog title above, or the "Read full post" link below. Then scroll down to the end of the comments/blog text to "Post a Comment."
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One Mom Rising

January 10, 2007
In case you are new to my blog , which will regularly appear on this MomsRising homepage (so check back in often!), my husband and I are wearing the t-shirts everyday until Paid Family Leave is passed in Washington State. My hope is that it will raise awareness for and garner support for the passage of Paid Family Leave in Washington. Now let me take a moment to properly introduce myself and illuminate why I am taking on working for Change here at home: I am now an activist. It's not how I'd have classified myself a month ago, but my recent pledge to consider democracy as an action, as opposed to a concept, has me viewing myself differently. I am thirty-three years old. I was raised in poverty by a mother who fled an abusive husband and turned to the state for help after her self-esteem and self worth were beaten out of her and her five children. I say poverty and I wonder if you, the reader, know what I mean. It is a widely used word, and brings to mind many pictures, I want you to see mine. Poverty was living in a school bus that was converted to be our home...