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Health Care

Rocket fuel in powdered infant formula: Let's ask for change

April 2, 2009
I'd love to feed my kids knowing that the food and water I give them are safe. You? But I can't. Why? Because the safeguards in this country are so weak that there's rocket fuel in infant formula. I mean, how bad can it get?
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On High Rates of Cesarean Section and Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM)

March 26, 2009
Why does the reality of everyday, routine care for birthing women diverge so radically from best-evidence practice? It’s probably the money. The routine use of continuous fetal monitoring is a fine example, because continuous monitoring for every woman all the time is not best-evidence care, but...

Michelle Obama and the Right to Bare Arms

March 12, 2009
Michelle Obama is arguably the most visible mother in America. She professed on the campaign trail that her children are the last thing she thinks about before bed and the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up in the morning. How many mothers can relate to that?

Ask the FDA for Safe Food Products!

February 26, 2009
For the second time in as many years, peanut butter contaminated with deadly salmonella has been recalled. Even my pre-kindergartener could tell something was wrong—after her favorite peanut butter sandwiches were temporarily pulled from her lunch box.
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Roses are Red, and Lipstick (Still) has Lead

February 16, 2009
Any day now, President Obama will name the head of the Food and Drug Administration, and the question is: Will the new FDA revive its passion for the public interest, or continue giving consumers the toxic kiss off?

Devil's in the Details: Toxic Toys vs. Sock Puppets

February 10, 2009
Today we celebrate the implementation of a bi-partisan triumph! It is now illegal to sell toys with dangerous lead and chemical content to children. And millions of American parents and children can breathe a bit easier.
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Toxic Schools and the Stimulus Package

January 30, 2009
Did you know that there were no federal and very few states laws that ban the building of schools on or near contaminated areas? I know I was shocked when I first learned this and every time I ask that question I get the same kind of response that I had. Are you kidding me?
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Consumer Protection Smackdown: Happy Meal Toys vs. Sock Puppets?

January 29, 2009
We said we’d never do it, but of course we do. Like millions of Americans, we sometimes feed fast food to the kids. And yes, we do let the kids keep the toys! As the parent of a toddler who will chew on anything, I fear these toys. Remember the dangerous lead levels found in toys from China, leading to massive recalls in 2007?
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Our voices were heard: No wait-list for Healthy Families!

December 18, 2008
Congratulations! Last week California members sent over 3,600 letters to Governor Schwarzenegger and our legislators in Sacramento to oppose a proposed wait-list for kids' healthcare coverage. Our voices were heard!

Toxic chemicals found in 1 of 3 children's toys

December 5, 2008
Starting your holiday shopping this week? The LAST thing you want to be giving the children and babies on your list is dangerous chemicals like lead and arsenic.
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