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Family Economic Security

"Shovel-Ready" Isn't Enough

February 9, 2009
I spent most of the weekend watching the debate in the Senate on the stimulus bill, or listening to people talk about the debate on the stimulus bill. I know I am suffering from stimulus bill overload, but before I go stick my head in an ice bucket, I want to make the following points.
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To Market, To Market . . .

February 2, 2009
I am still thinking about the stimulus plan, and the role "market forces" played in making this mess.
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Pregnant in the WNBA

February 2, 2009
I was at the same time cheered and chagrined to read an article in the New York Times Sports Section last weekend (January 24) about WNBA star Candace Parker’s effort to balance career and family. I was pleased to read yet another example of a high achieving woman making choices about finding the...

Me and Caroline Kennedy

January 28, 2009
When Caroline Kennedy wanted to be considered for Hillary Clinton's seat in the US Senate, a number of articles appeared presenting her as the icon of mid-life womanhood, returning to the workplace after years spent in the home raising children. To which I thoughtfully responded, "Huh?"
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The Stimulus Plan: Why You Should Care, What You Should Know

January 27, 2009
Excerpt from Your (Wo)man in Washington
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Paid Sick Days in North Carolina

November 13, 2008
Did you know? • Nearly half of North Carolina workers, 1.6 million people, lack a single paid sick day . • 64% of all North Carolina married families with children send both spouses to work. • Research by the Institute for Women's Policy Research shows that providing workers with paid sick days...
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Paid Sick Days in Washington DC

September 20, 2008
Our work to bring paid sick days to Washington DC is just getting started! So far, our 4,880 members in the Washington, DC area sent in over 3400 letters to the DC City Council. We've teamed up with the DC Paid Sick and Safe Days Coalition, led by the DC Employment Justice Center, to get the word...
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Paid Sick Days in Illinois

July 9, 2008
Right now, almost half of all workers in Illinois don't have a single paid sick day. Too many Americans are forced to go to work sick, to choose between taking time off to care for a sick child or losing a day's pay, or even end up losing their jobs when illness strikes. It's time to solve this...
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Resources For At-Home Moms Re-Entering the Paid Workforce

June 29, 2008
Are you thinking about re-entering the workforce after time at home? These tips, tools, and resources will help: - How to Prepare to Return to Work, by Maggie Jackson. Describes difficulties following the decision to return to work; describes resources and programs for opting back into the...
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Paid Sick Days for Ohio!

April 26, 2008
Ohio, like every other state in the nation, has no law allowing workers to earn paid sick days to protect public health. A startling example of why this is so important occurred in April: A Chipotle Restaurant in Kent closed its doors after people who ate there became ill. A total of 432 peopl e...
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