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Want to hang out tonight?  Throw some popcorn with us!
Tonight, at 6pmPST/9pmEST, we're going to be playing a national game of Presidential Debate BINGO with thousands of moms, dads, kids, neighbors, and people across the country as we watch the debate--and we'd love for you to play too!
Here's how it works: Every time a candidate talks about an issue on our BINGO card, you mark it down on your card--and maybe even raise your bowl of popcorn, or some hot cocoa, in a cheer!
We'll be keeping track of points as the debate happens on the homepage, as well as on Twitter with hashtags #Risers, #momsvote and #kids2012.  The more tallies a candidate gets on the card during the debate, the better.  Feel free to stop by right here and share your thoughts during, and after, the debate. 
Then when the debates are over, we'll share the Presidential debate BINGO card tallies for each candidate with the media, as well as with the campaigns.  This way the candidates will know that real people are paying attention to--and tallying!--where they stand on family economic security issues. And thus, playing something as fun as BINGO will help remind the candidates to put family economic security issues as a top priority.
*Here's a link to get the BINGO card:
Please share this blogpost using the buttons below--and post the above BINGO link on Facebook!--so your friends and family can play BINGO during the debate too.
Get that popcorn ready for munching -- or for throwing at the TV!  :)
Happy debate watching!

P.S. Register 4 friends to vote:  Send a quick note to up to 4 friends to help them make sure they can vote this election by clicking here:

P.P.S. Fired up about the elections--and concerned about making sure everyone who has the right to vote, can vote?  There's a secret fight for democracy going on with rampant voter suppression shenanigans in many states across the country. Find out more by listening to "MomsRising Radio with Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner" this week as we uncover what's happening, where, and what can be done around the country to protect our right to vote. LISTEN HERE:

P.P.P.S.  Here's a look at the BINGO card (See below).   

It's much easier to use when you download it via this link:

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