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Get Your MomsRising BINGO Card!!

PLAY PRESIDENTIAL BINGO WITH US!  Break out the popcorn, gather 'round your young ins,' and turn on the TV!  We've made a great MomsRising Presidential Bingo card for you and yours to print & play while watching the candidates debate this week.

How does it work? As the candidates debate, use the MomsRising Presidential Bingo card to mark down one point each time they mention supporting economic security policies like: Healthcare, Paid Family Leave, and Childcare (Don't worry, all the words are on the card).  And, you get to give candidates bonus points if they mention special words like: Toxic Toys, Breastfeeding, and Mothers.  As the words fly, you'll fill in your card with points each time they mention one of the words on the card, and then when the debate is over you can add it all up to see who comes out as the real family-friendly candidates.

Click here to download & print your card today!

Read about the results and join the conversation!

Poised for progress on pesticides

Posted July 29, 2014 by Kristin Schafer

Well, it's about time. The invisible problem of pesticide drift is on the policy radar in ways it's never been before — with changes in the wings that could protect kids and communities in very real ways. From California to the Midwest to our nation's capital, drift is now a focus of public concern and [...]

Posted Under: environmental health Food!

Celebrating Seasonality and Strengthening Culture

Posted July 29, 2014 by Diana Donlon

  In his engrossing new book, The Third Plate, Dan Barber observes that our present food system is disconnected: It operates in silos: vegetables here, animals there, grains somewhere else – each component part separate from the others and unhitched to any kind of culture. This disconnection has resulted in vast monocultures in agriculture that create [...]

Posted Under: Food!

NFL is letting a player off the hook for assaulting his wife. Can you take a second to sign and share this petition?

Posted July 28, 2014 by Nita Chaudhary

People are outraged over the news that the NFL is letting a player off the hook for assaulting his wife. Can you take a second to sign and share this petition? Tell NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: Domestic violence is a serious crime, and abusers have no place in your league. Change your policies so that violent offenders [...]

Even Republicans like their ACA plans!

Posted July 28, 2014 by Felicia Willems

Even Republicans like their Affordable Care Act plans! A recent poll by The Commonwealth Fund showed that overall, 78% of Americans who signed up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act are satisfied with their coverage. Even 74% of the Republicans who signed up say they are satisfied with their new plans! The Affordable Care [...]

Posted Under: healthcare
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