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Searching for a new car? Back to school clothes shopping with the kids? Don’t miss out on the new database just because you’re on the go! You can use the database wherever you are by texting 30644. Select a keyword, such as cars or clothes, followed by your search text. The search text can include product names, model years, and manufacturers. You can even filter your results by the overall amount of toxic chemicals found or the level of concern by specifying High, Medium (Med), or Low.

After you send your text, you’ll receive up to three replies, including a disclaimer and up to two pages of results. You may be asked to narrow your search if your text generates a response of more than 320 characters, but that’s easily fixed by adding product names, manufactures, or levels of detection to your request. The reply will identify the overall level of detection, as well as the product’s name and manufacturer.

For example, if you text:
cars 2007 nissan versa
You could receive this response:
LVL OF CONCERN: 07 Nissan Versa (HIGH)

If you use a web browser-enabled mobile device, such as an iPhone or Blackberry, you can visit the mobile site to access summary information and overall ratings for a wide range of products, as well as “best/worst” list of products grouped by class. Visit for more information on their texting service, and don’t forget to check out their new database while you’re there! Learn more about the new and improved database, and download the widget, at

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