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Thank you for your interest in our GOTV postcard campaign! The future is what we do together. Together, we are sending voting reminders to 2 million moms that need a friendly, personalized nudge before election day. 


  • Joining the postcards campaign
  • Receiving your postcards
  • Writing your postcards
  • Returning or sending your postcards
  • Other questions

> Joining the postcards campaign <

Where can I sign up for GOTV postcards?

The sign-up period for GOTV postcards closed on Monday, August 17th because we officially reached our updated goal of sending 2 million voting reminder postcards! If you missed the sign-up period but would still like to support this campaign, we are accepting donations to help offset the cost of printing and postage. If you would like to be notified about our future GOTV postcard campaigns, please sign up here. Thank you for your support!   

Is it possible to order an amount of postcards that’s between 10 and 100?
At this time, we are only able to ship out packets of 10 or 100+ postcards due to the way they are being produced and cannot accommodate requests for other quantities (e.g. 40 or 50 postcards). 

How do I change the address that my postcards are being sent to?
Unfortunately, it is now too late to change any delivery addresses since all postcard packets for August and September are already in production or mailed out.

Why do you require a mobile phone number on the sign-up page?
The sign-up form asks for a mobile phone number so that we can send you a text message to confirm your postcard order or follow up with you if your postcard packet isn't returned. If you do not have a mobile phone number that you can submit, please submit a landline instead and we'll plan to stay in communication with you via email.

Will instructions and a voter address list be included in my postcard packet?
Instructions will be included in your postcard packet and will include sample messages to write on the postcards. All of the postcards are pre-addressed, so we will not be sending an address list. 

What do the postcards look like and what’s the message on them?
A preview of the postcard design is on the sign-up page and the message on the front says: 

The future is what we do together. 
Be a voter. Raise a voter. 

Who created the beautiful artwork on the front of your postcards?
The postcard artwork is by the very talented Natalie Bui:


> Receiving your postcards <

When will my postcards arrive?

  • If you signed up to volunteer in May or June, your postcard packet should have arrived in early July. Unfortunately, many volunteers submitted invalid/incomplete mailing addresses or didn’t reply to our text messages about confirming their order. 
  • If you signed up to volunteer in July, your postcard packet should have arrived around the end of August. Unfortunately, many volunteers submitted invalid/incomplete mailing addresses or didn’t reply to our text messages about confirming their order. 
  • If you signed up to volunteer in August, your postcard packet was mailed on or before September 8th and should arrive within 5 days, although we ask for your patience and flexibility with the arrival timeline due to the current USPS delays.

I never received my postcards – where are they?

Unfortunately, many volunteers that signed up to fill out postcards entered incorrect or old addresses and mobile phone numbers when signing up for them. Many volunteers also didn't reply to our requests to confirm their large postcard orders (100 or more postcards) via text message and/or email. If you should have already received your postcard packet according to the timelines above but haven't, it's safe to assume that either an incorrect address/number or unconfirmed postcard order is the reason. There's also a very small possibility that your packet got lost en route to you. 


> Writing your postcards <

I lost my instructions! What should I do?

  • If your postcards arrived in late AUGUST, click HERE for a digital copy of the instructions.
  • If your postcards are arriving in SEPTEMBER, click HERE for very important UPDATED instructions about mailing your postcards direcly to voters on October 5th!

Do I have to be a mom or parent to participate?
No – anyone and everyone is welcome to volunteer to write MomsRising voting reminder postcards!

All of my GOTV postcards are addressed to voters with the same first name. Is this okay?
Some volunteers will receive GOTV postcards addressed to voters with the same first name. This isn't a mistake or mixup and we assure you that they are all different voters, even if they all live in the same state!

Are the postcards being sent to voters registered with a particular party?
This is a non-partisan GOTV campaign, so we do not target voters by party. The postcards are pre-addressed to infrequent mom voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Washington, Georgia, Virginia, and New Hampshire that need a friendly nudge to cast their vote! 

Will the postcards mention any candidates?
The postcards do not mention any candidates. They are general voting reminders!


> Returning or sending your postcards <

When do I need to send my completed postcards back to MomsRising or directly to voters?

  • If you received your postcard packet in July, your completed postcards were due back to us in the provided pre-paid envelope by July 31st. If you haven’t returned your postcards yet, please do so as soon as possible - we will get them out to voters!
  • If you received a postcard packet in around late August after requesting them in July, they were be due back to us by September 25th in the pre-paid envelope provided. Please follow the instructions included in your packet! If you haven’t returned your postcards yet, please do so as soon as possible - we will get them out to voters!
  • If you signed up for a postcard packet that is set to arrive in early September, you will not send your completed postcards back to MomsRising. Instead, you will mail your pre-addressed & pre-stamped postcards directly to voters on October 5th. We are closely monitoring the issues that the USPS is currently facing and are confident that mailing the postcards on October 5th will be the most effective and impactful send date. If you missed the October 5th "send date," please pop your postcards in the mail ASAP!

I took my completed GOTV postcards to my local post office to mail and the clerk wouldn't accept the pre-paid postage. What should I do?
A few volunteers have reported this happening. We're sorry that you may have encountered this inconvenience! We want to assure you that the printed postage on the postcards is correct and valid. It is part of a USPS program called "Share Mail". Unfortunately, some USPS employees may not know about this fairly new postage program. We suggest that you simply drop your postcards in a blue USPS mailbox outside your local post office, or one that's located in your neighborhood. This way, your postcards will be accepted and processed without delay! 

I didn't return or send my cards on time, what do I do? 
Please return or send them as soon as possible! 

I didn't get a return envelope – what do I do?
It depends on your postcards! Check your postmark and confirm the following: 

  • If your postmark says: "PRESORTED" – your postcards must be mailed back to us, and it's possible your return envelope was accidentally not included or fell out of your package on the way. Check out the answer below that says "I lost my pre-paid return envelope!" and send your cards back to that address in Danbury, Connecticut. 

  • If your postmark says: "FIRST-CLASS MAIL" – your postcards should be mailed directly to the recipients on October 5. Drop them in a blue USPS mailbox or at the post office. 

Do I need to add stamps to the postcards and cover the cost of postage?
No, MomsRising is covering all postage costs to make this GOTV project fully accessible to everyone that is interested in participating. The voting reminder postcards are pre-stamped and we will provide a pre-paid return envelope for volunteers that should return their postcards to MomsRising.

I lost my pre-paid return envelope! What should I do with my postcards?
Please mail them back to this address:

c/o Focus Mailing
1 Prindle Lane
Danbury, CT 06811

* * * If you are unable to cover the cost of mailing the postcards back to us, please email and we’d be happy to send you another pre-paid return envelope!

Did MomsRising receive the postcards I completed and sent back?
Unfortunately we cannot provide individual confirmations that packages have arrived back to us, but please rest assured that we're successfully receiving a very high rate of completed and returned postcards! 

Is MomsRising aware of what's going on with the USPS funding and delay issues?
Yes, we are monitoring the situation very closely and accounting for its implications. If any of the project's deadlines or mail dates need to be adjusted as we get closer to the election, we will be sure to contact you with any updates. As of right now, no adjustments have been required. 

> Other questions <

I would like to make a donation to the GOTV postcard campaign. How can I do that?
Thank you so much for interest in donating! Here are a few ways to do so:

  • SEND A CHECK to this address (include "GOTV postcards" in the memo line): 

    MomsRising Together
    3717 Boston St #313
    Baltimore, MD 21224


* * * If your question wasn't answered in this FAQ, please submit your question here * * *

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