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Maternal Justice

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Announces the Modernizing Obstetric Medicine Standards (MOMS) Act

August 30, 2018
With maternal mortality rates on the rise in the United States, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announces new legislation to help reduce maternal deaths, help hospitals implement best practices to prevent women from dying before, during and after childbirth. The United States has the highest maternal mortality rate in the industrialized world; the majority of these deaths are preventable. This crisis is even worse in communities of color, where Black women die at up to four times the rate of White women due to racial disparities in the U.S. health care system.
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MomsRising advocates to Congress for the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act

August 30, 2018
In order to tackle the maternal mortality crisis that plagues our nation, legislators are taking heed. One particular legislation includes The Preventing Maternal Deaths Act. The purpose is to support States in their work to save and sustain the health of mothers during pregnancy, childbirth, and...
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Maternal Justice 7.30.18 States of Women’s Incarceration

August 7, 2018
July 30, 2018 #MaternalJustice Twitter chat with #Cut50, the Prison Policy Initiative, and MomsRising on the high rates of women’s mass incarceration in the U.S & what needs to be done to change this.
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QUICK SIGNATURE for Black Women's Equal Pay Day!

August 7, 2018
It’s happening. Again! And it’s not good. I’m talking about Black Women’s Equal Pay Day – August 7th. This is the day that lifts up the outrageous fact that Black women in the United States earn only 63 cents on the dollar compared to White men. The wage gap between White men and Black women hasn’t...
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Detained mothers are losing their pregnancies

July 30, 2018
Sign now to urge your U.S. Senators to support the Stop Shackling and Detaining Pregnant Women Act ! Take Action “I realized I was losing my son. It was his life that I was bleeding out. I was staining everything. I spent about eight days just lying down. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t do anything. I...
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Top #5Actions of the Past Week: July 27. 2018

July 27, 2018
This week we're calling out the Trump administration for its failure to reunite hundreds--perhaps more than 1,000--children with their parents or family members by yesterday's deadline. Every day, every hour, every moment that children remain separated from their parents means more terror and more...
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We Must Pay More Attention to Pregnant Women

July 23, 2018
By: Dr. Mary Pell Abernathy It all started out innocent enough. She was being induced because she had been treated for breast cancer during her pregnancy. The goal was to get her delivered early (37 weeks) so that she could continue her treatment for breast cancer and improve her chance of...
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Top #5Actions of the Past Week: July 13. 2018

July 13, 2018
Happy Friday! We're back with our handy list of top actions from the past week, ready for you to review, sign and share. This week we're focusing on real solutions to paid family and medical leave, and speaking out about maternal health, as well as breastfeeding. We're also eager to hear your...
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Support the Maternal Health Accountability Act and the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act

July 10, 2018
After 40 hours of labor and 6 hours pushing, [my daughter] was in fetal distress and I had to have an emergency c-section. If we hadn't had access to a good doctor, and appropriate care, we both would have died. As it is, she is my miracle, and I am so thankful we are here! Good prenatal care and...
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MomsRising at HRSA

July 9, 2018
On behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) invited MomsRising to attend an invitation-only, HRSA Maternal Mortality Summit, June 19-21, 2018. The Summit was a premier symposium to address the challenges and best practices to reduce...
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