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The Trouble With Tribbles and Food Deserts

April 20, 2012
The New York Times featured an article announcing the results of two studies examining the relationship between the physical health conditions in low-income neighborhoods and the availability of “healthy” food. The studies, the Times piece reported, seem to contradict the popular notion of a “food...
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UPDATED! Food Revolution! A Blog Carnival On School Food and Fighting Childhood Obesity, Diabetes

April 20, 2012
This morning as I packed lunches for my two daughters, my youngest peered over the counter asking, “Did you pack some chips?” She and I both laughed as I placed apple in her lunch bag along side a small portion of her favorite guacamole-flavored chips. Everyday we try to strike a balance between...
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Food Justice is Racial Justice

April 20, 2012
I have spent a lot of time in urban America looking at different neighborhoods and different cultures. I’m an anthropologist and I’ve examined the culture around food and some of the reasons why my community has the relationship to food that we do. One of the reasons that black people have the...
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Setting a New Academic Standard: Getting Junk Food Out of Schools

April 20, 2012
A healthy nation starts with healthy kids, and experts and parents agree that junk food is a huge contributor to skyrocketing rates of diabetes and other chronic diseases. But the food and beverage industries spend billions of dollars promoting unhealthy foods virtually everywhere kids go--...
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No More Junk in School Foods

April 20, 2012
Over the past several years, the childhood obesity numbers have been steadily increasing. Today, over 23 million children/teens are either overweight or obese. A lot has to do with the amount of junk food and sugary drinks kids are consuming. Unfortunately most public schools aren’t doing much to...
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School meals are healthier. So why isn’t everything else?

April 20, 2012
All parents want what is best for their children, and all parents want to see their children succeed. Unfortunately, the childhood obesity epidemic means that about one-third of children and teens are now overweight or obese, putting them at risk for a lifetime of health problems such as type 2...
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We all eat for a living

April 20, 2012
Since I was a child, I have heard it said that "everyone eats for a living." In fact, I have yet to meet anyone that survives purely on air or water. All rumors aside, it's a significant concern that all of us who do eat learn how to honor our food supply as a primary issue impacting the health of...
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Are you and your school on the same team?

April 20, 2012
My kids love school. I love it too! As a mom, I couldn’t be happier when they run out the door eager to learn and play and grow. I count on school to teach them so many things that I can’t, and to reinforce the habits and values that we build at home. So what’s not to love, except possibly when...
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Young People (All of Them) Deserve Options

April 20, 2012
Every morning on my way to work, I would watch young children eat flaming hot chips with what looked to be 3 day old gray hamburger meat, topped with cheese that looked to be made of plastic. This was their breakfast. There may have been some honey buns and other items, but nothing looked to have...
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30 Days Until #FoodRevolution Day!

April 20, 2012
This year, for the first time ever, May 19 is Food Revolution Day , a global day of action marking the commitment to food education in communities, schools and businesses worldwide. Food Revolution Day is a chance for people who love food to come together to share information, skills and resources...
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