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Top #5Actions
of the Past Week
Sunday, January 31, 2021

We need your help this week. All of us have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in some way. We’ve lost friends and loved ones, fought the illness ourselves, have struggled with the changing employment landscape, dealt with new roles at home and in so many other ways.

Now we need your help pushing the Biden COVID relief package through Congress: We need to hear your stories so that we can share those stories with your elected representatives and make sure that they, you, and we are not ignored; and we need you to sign on to an open letter to help push President Biden’s COVID relief and vaccination plan through Congress too. In this week’s 5Actions, we have two ways for you to share your story either in written format or via video. We also need you to take action to let your representatives know that you support the MomsRising Mandate for America that lifts families and the economy, as well as President Biden’s vaccination plan and COVID relief package. Your voice, your story, your calls, your signatures on petitions and open letters make a difference. Thank you.




Quick signature to support Biden’s vaccine plan!

President Biden released a national strategy for a scaled-up distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, to coordinate efforts to speed up production and distribution, and to ensure fast and equitable access to the vaccine. As a nation, we are already struggling to ensure equitable access to the vaccine, so we need Congress to act fast to provide funding for a more robust effort to achieve equitable distribution of vaccines, particularly in communities of color, which have faced significant medical discrimination and mistreatment throughout the pandemic, as well as throughout our nation’s history.

Tell your members of Congress to support Biden’s scaled up vaccine plan!





Tell us your thoughts and experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine

Have you already received your vaccine?
Are you hesitant to take the vaccine? If so, why?
Are you eligible but struggling to get an appointment?
Do you have thoughts or ideas about the vaccine roll out or how to improve the roll out?
Do you have questions about the vaccine?
What information have you received about the vaccine in your community?

Tell us about it by filling out the form and we'll share your experiences directly with policy makers and leaders!




Record a short video about how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted your family.

Personal experiences are powerful and can make a HUGE difference in helping our communities and elected leaders understand how public policies impact families.

Have you or a family member:

Contracted the coronavirus and had to seek medical care, or had difficulty seeking testing or treatment?
Been able (or unable) to access paid leave and/or paid sick days through the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act?
Been laid off/furloughed because of the pandemic and had to access Unemployment Insurance?
Been laid off/furloughed and used up all your unemployment benefits available to you?
Been forced out of work (or reduced your hours) due to caregiving responsibilities (including, lack of affordable child care options)?

Record a video to share with your friends, family, and elected leaders about how COVID-19 is impacting your family!





Tell Congress to Move Forward the MomsRising Mandate for America

As we continue to celebrate the historic inauguration, we know there’s an immense amount of work ahead. With moms and our nation facing unprecedented challenges, we need immediate solutions. The status quo is not sustainable. Moms are trying to keep the jobs that our families and economy depend on and also care for our kids whose child care programs have shuttered and whose schools are operating only virtually. We’re trying to care for our parents, some of whom are terrified to leave their homes. And moms across our nation are trying to make ends meet on budgets that are stretched beyond the breaking point while being disproportionately pushed out of the labor force. We need transformative change to lift our economy and our families -- and we need it yesterday.

Tell the new Congress and the Biden Administration, there’s no time to waste! Sign on to our MomsRising Mandate for America and we’ll send your petition signatures to your members of Congress and the Biden administration.




Get the latest actions with our mobile alerts

As we move through 2021, and especially as we work with the new Congress in passing legislation MomsRising’s Mandate for America, the easiest way for us to connect you with your Senators and Representatives is via mobile messaging.

Please sign up by texting MOMS to 747464 and you’ll receive the latest actions on your phone.



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