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We’re down to the wire. Industry has defeated the Maryland Pesticide Reporting Act three times. If we want a win, we need to use our outside voices, and we need to use them now.

Moms across Maryland are worried about the impact of dangerous toxic chemicals on their families’ health. We’ve got a first step to protect Maryland families from pesticides, but we need your help.

The Maryland Senate and House committees are scheduled to vote any day now. Tell your legislators: Support the Maryland Pesticide Reporting and Information Act, and protect Maryland’s littlest constituents!

Pesticides pose a serious risk to the health of our kids and families. Research shows that pesticides can be harmful even in very small doses--especially to children---and they’ve been linked to a wide variety of health issues including breast cancer, infant leukemia, and ADHD. [2]

We’ve got the data to back up this bill: A recent EPA report on toxic chemicals shows that we have serious data gaps regarding pesticide use in Maryland [3], while another new report from the Maryland Environmental Health Network concludes that we must track pesticide use to assess potential links to childhood disorders. [4]

Tell your legislators today: Support the Maryland Pesticide Reporting and Information Act. Stand up for the health of Maryland families.

This important piece of legislation will help public health officials and research scientists collect the critical information they need in order to protect our families and communities.

The bill requires that pesticide use numbers be reported to a centralized database so that public health and environmental experts can learn more about what toxic substances are in our food, water, and air. [5] Luckily, farmers and lawn care companies are already required to keep these records: This bill will give us access to that information without creating extra work. It also won't cost the state or taxpayers a dime as the cost is covered by a modest increase in manufacturer's annual pesticide product registration fees. [6]
This common sense bill has been shot down by industry opposition three times. But the voices of moms are stronger than any pin-striped-suited lobbyist.

Make your voice heard. Tell your legislators to stand up for the health of Maryland families. 

Please share this action with your friends and family in Maryland.  We need every voice we can get to make our message stronger.

Thanks for everything you do for Maryland moms and families! And huge thanks to our friends at the Maryland Pesticide Network and the Smart on Pesticides Maryland Coalition for their tireless work on this issue!

Have questions about pesticides? Join us TODAY (03/12) at 11:00AM PST, 2:00PM EST on Twitter for an #EcoTipTue chat about pesticides, co-hosted by Ruth Berlin, the Executive Director for the Maryland Pesticide Network! Just follow #EcoTipTue to join the conversation.








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