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January 23 marks the Lunar New Year, a time for many Asian communities to gather in celebration. Some may don new clothes and exchange gifts or red envelopes, while others may light firecrackers, throw water and participate in lion dances and parades. Whatever the variation in Lunar New Year traditions across Asia’s many cultures, mouth-wateringly great food will be central to all of them.

The festivities should be particularly lively this time around, because 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, the mightiest sign in the Chinese zodiac. Dragons are magnificent. People born under this sign are blessed with fortune, power and destiny, which is why, for millennia, the dragon was the exclusive symbol of many of Asia’s imperial rulers. Hospitals all over the world are bracing for a mini baby boom as large numbers of Asian couples finally realize their dream of bringing home a baby dragon.

Above all, the Lunar New Year is about family, who reunite to remember loved ones and to pray for prosperity and good fortune in the twelve months ahead. MomsRising’s mission is so perfectly in sync with the spirit of this wonderful holiday -- that is, wishing and advocating for family economic security and helping all children have a healthy start in life – that we’re throwing ourselves fully into the celebrations by holding a blog carnival in honor of Asian American families and all families.

The MomsRising Year of the Dragon Blog Carnival is for all bloggers of Asian descent, whom we invited to write about what prosperity and good fortune means for their families, sharing stories and opinions from the personal to the political. We also invited bloggers of any ethnic or cultural stripe to tell us about how they plan to be Dragons on behalf of family prosperity and good fortune in 2012.

Please enjoy the impressive range of voices in the blogs listed below.  MomsRising is honored to join with our larger community of bloggers and organizations in celebrating families and the start of the Lunar New Year !

- It's the Year of the Barber, Alex Tse

- Move Over, Amy Chua: 2012 Is the Year of the Dragon Mom, Gloria Pan

- Mochi Soup on New Year's Morning, Julie Hanamura

- Year of the Dragon: Let the Baby Boom Begin!, Thao Nguyen

- Ten Things I Love About Raising My Half-Japanese Children, Hiragana Mama

- New Year's Traditions to Keep, Serena Leung Baker

- One Year After the Tiger Mother: The Way We Talk About Parenting Will Never Be the Same, Grace Hwang Lynch

- It's Never Too Late to Learn About Chinese New Year Traditions, Maria Wen Adcock

- You Don't Have to Be Chinese to Celebrate the Year of the Dragon Lunar New Year, Homa Tavangar

- Mamas Occupy 2012: Tell Big Banks to Share the Fortune, Andrea Ibarra-Tacdol

- Lunar New Year Wishes for Mom: A Nail Salon Worker, Kristine Nguyen

- Being Chinese in America, Tracey Black

- Teaching Kids About Chinese New Year: Year of the Dragon, Leticia Barr

- What we can learn about relationships in the Year of the Dragon, Betty Ming Liu

- PINEAPPLE TARTS : Treats for Chinese New Year: Lunar Year of the Dragon, Elizabeth Besa Quirino

- I Like A Woman With A Future And A Past, Theresa Celebran Jones

- Discovering Chinese New Year’s, Frances Kai-Hwa Wang

- Finding the Dragon Within on Chinese New Year, Katherine Lewis

- Lunar New Year: A Time of Celebration and Family, Karen K. Narasaki

- Asian American Health Mysteries and Dragon Babies: Some Fire for Thought, Rebecca Spence


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