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Everything is strange this year, including tax day, which has been moved to May 17th due to the pandemic. But don’t worry, we have some actions to get you excited about taxes! First, we have a new, awesome video starring America Ferrera, Alyssa Milano, and key members of Congress and the White House that explains why it’s so important for you to file your taxes by Monday to claim your expanded Child Tax credit and stimulus checks the fastest way possible, even if you have not made enough money to file taxes in the past. Claim your credit!

Next, please take a minute to submit a letter to the editor of your local paper to educate your community and your leaders that we need a tax code that supports families, women, and communities of color, NOT the super wealthy and mega-corporations who have profited off of this pandemic and we make that super easy to do with our online form.

In addition to tax day, we also want to hear from you about questions you have regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, and we need you to take action to help us lower drug prices.

Finally, we have a super fun online event tomorrow with our friends at The Frontline to help prepare you for taking action over the summer.

As always, we are grateful for all you do every day!

-- Sue Anne, Kristin, Donna, Beatriz, Felicia, Tasmiha, Elyssa, and the rest of the MomsRising / MamásConPoder Team





What questions do you have about the COVID-19 vaccines?

We have GREAT NEWS! The Biden Administration recently announced the launch of which is a central place where people all across the country can look to find where to get their COVID-19 vaccination. While the fact that effective vaccines are now widely available is cause for celebration, parents and families also have a lot of important questions about the COVID-19 vaccines.

We are here for you! And we want to hear from you! Please share your questions with us about the COVID-19 vaccines and we’ll work to get them answered by experts.





Quick signature! Tell Congress to lower drug prices!

With the passage of the American Rescue Plan, we are delighted that President Biden has made strides in making health care more affordable. However, there is still a lot of work to do when it comes to prescription drug affordability for families. Americans should not pay three times more for medicines than people in other countries do. There are solutions and our government can fix this. Thankfully, more and more people (across party lines) support government action to help cut the cost of medications—and now we have the momentum to make Congress take action!

Quick signature: Tell Congress to take action to lower prescription drug prices.





Watch and share our new (and adorable) video on why you should file your taxes this year!

Tax Day is this coming Monday (May 17th)! I really snuck up on us as well. This year it’s more important than ever to file your taxes because there are so many new programs from the American Rescue Plan that puts cash directly into your family’s pockets, including stimulus checks and the expanded Child Tax Credit. We’re talking about being able to get monthly payments starting in July which adds up to $3,600 per year for every child under the age of 5 and $3,000 per year for every child ages 6-17. That’s a lot of money! How do you claim your cash? Just watch our new, awesome video starring America Ferrera, Alyssa Milano, and key members of Congress and the White House where they are answering important tax questions from adorable little kids.

Watch and share our new Tax Day video (and remember to file your taxes by Monday!)





Send a Tax Day Letter to the Editor to your local paper

Tax Day is this Monday (May 17th). This is the perfect opportunity for us to spread the word about our values, our concerns, and what our families really, truly need: a tax code that supports families, women, and communities of color, NOT the super wealthy and mega-corporations who have profited off of this pandemic.

***Take action this Tax Day! Send a letter to the editor today (so it’s published in time for Tax Day) to your local paper outlining the types of tax policies we need Congress to pass in the next recovery package! (Don’t worry—our cool tool makes it super easy for you to submit a letter to your local paper. We’ll walk you through all the steps and even supply sample language!)






We are getting closer to closure! LD 1668 - legislation to finally close Long Creek, the last youth prison in Maine and create a plan to reinvest $18.6 million dollars into our communities - will have a public hearing in front of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.

Sign this petition and tell the Governor Janet Mill's is time to end youth incarceration and stand up for Maine Kids.






P.S.– As the Biden Administration observes its 100th day in office, Black-led organizations are coming together to demand our elected leaders use their power to protect our democracy and our rights. MomsRising and The Frontline are hosting the #KeepIt100 Teach-in to equip attendees to take action over the next 100 days in the fight to protect the vote, our right to protest, and against police violence. This historic virtual gathering will feature content tracks from organizations like the Movement for Black Lives, Working Families Party, Democracy Initiative, BlackOUT Collective and more to get us all ready for #KeepIt100 Summer, where we will come together to protect our vote, preserve our right to protest, and fight against police violence. RSVP Now to Join MomsRising & The Frontline for a Virtual Teach In




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