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Does this supermarket scene sound familiar? I’ve got a shopping list in my hand, an empty fridge back home, and a wailing toddler at my side whose having a full blown supermarket meltdown. I don’t have time to meander in the aisles: I have dinner to make, a toddler to soothe, and five minutes before this tantrum reaches a whole new volume.

My grocery list isn’t the only list that shows up in store aisles. There’s also a list of 100 extremely toxic chemicals called the Hazardous 100+ and because of faulty legislation, they’re allowed to legally appear in consumer goods that we purchase.

Parents don’t have time to scour labels and track down 100 chemicals---too often, we barely have time to make it to the store, much less study every item that goes in our carts. That’s where retailers come in.

It doesn't have to be this way.  We have tremendous consumer power.  Women make over 80% of consumer purchasing decisions.  Now it's time to use that power.

Major retailers have enjoyed our business for years: Now we need their help to protect our families. Ask the Top 10 Retailers to Mind the Store and remove the Hazardous 100+ from their shelves!

We want the Hazardous 100+ off of store shelves and out of our shopping carts. Dangerous toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, flame retardants, and BPA show up in every day items like canned food, clothing, bedding, and more. These chemicals are connected to serious health issues including cancer, asthma, and learning disabilities. They don’t belong in our bodies, and they don’t belong on our store shelves.

Together, our combined consumer power can have a big impact.

Tell Walmart, Kroger, Target, Walgreens, Costco, Home Depot, CVS Caremark, Lowe's, Best Buy, and Safeway: Mind the Store! Take the Hazardous 100+ off of your shelves:

The Top 10 Retailers need to hear from you. Why? Because the voices of moms move mountains, and markets. MomsRising members have asked major corporations like Campbells and Johnson & Johnson to remove toxic chemicals from their products, and they’ve been successful in making these products safer. Women make over 80% of consumer decisions, and our voices are powerful instruments for corporate change.

Please forward this to your family and friends. When we raise our voices together, retailers sit up and take notice. The more voices, the bigger impact.

 Huge thanks to our partners at Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families for their hard work on this issue! 



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