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[Image description: graphic with Sen. Duckworth and the Capitol in the background. Text says: Hey Sen. Duckworth, Thanks for all your service, but outdated Senate rules means you can't bring your baby on the Senate Floor.]

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U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth is about to make history (herstory!) as the first U.S. Senator to ever give birth while in office! Unfortunately, we can’t fully celebrate this mom milestone yet because, at the same time, she’ll also make history for being the first U.S. Senator to ever be punished for having a baby while in office.



WHAT THE WHAT?!? Punishment for having a baby while in office? It turns out that U.S. Senate rules will prohibit Sen. Duckworth from being able to sponsor legislation or vote if she takes leave for the birth of and bonding with her new child.


And even if she doesn’t take time away from work, she’ll still likely be forced to miss votes because U.S. Senate rules will bar her from taking her infant child on the Senate floor to breastfeed.


Discriminatory rules like these have to end!


→ Add your name to our letter now urging Senate Majority Leader McConnell to modernize the outdated U.S. Senate rules and allow Senators to bring their infant children on the Senate floor.  


***Senator Duckworth is due to give birth in April, so the timing here is urgent. If enough of us take action, we can make it clear that we’re paying attention to this, and we expect Sen. McConnell to do the right thing and lead on updating the Senate rules.


The U.S. Senate’s outdated and discriminatory rules do not meet the needs of working mothers, their babies, and in this case, the Senators’ constituents. Let’s be clear: Modernizing these arcane and archaic U.S. Senate rules isn’t about just one Senator. It sends a signal to the record-breaking number of women running for office now or in the future that we value them on the floor of the Senate making policy decisions and being part of the process!


→ Time is short: Add your name now, urging Sen. McConnell to modernize the Senate rules so that Sen. Tammy Duckworth - and any mother who will follow her lead - is able to vote, to sponsor legislation, and also to breastfeed her infant on the Senate floor (if she chooses to!) while working for the people of Illinois.


After the birth of baby Duckworth, the nation’s eyes will turn to the United States Senate -- waiting to see whether they stand with working mothers or attempt to maintain antiquated rules that literally push women and mothers out the door.


***And be sure to share the link below with your friends and family, and on Facebook and Twitter, so they can take action too.


P.S. Senator Duckworth never took a dime from the NRA, and neither should any elected official. Tell members of Congress to take the #NoNRAMoney pledge!



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