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Family dinners, backyard BBQs, even that rare long lunch with old friends: Food brings us together, and helps us make memories.

Today is Food Day, and we’re celebrating the power and the possibility of food. Thousands of people across the country are coming together to alleviate hunger, improve health, protect the earth, and protect workers, all through the power of food.

*Let's get Food Day started today by asking Congress to support the Eat Real Agenda:

What is the Eat Real Agenda, anyway?

The Eat Real Agenda is a solution for fixing America's broken food system by:

1. Reducing diet-related disease by promoting safe, healthy foods

2. Supporting sustainable farms and limiting subsidies to big agribusiness

3. Expanding access to food and alleviating hunger

4. Protecting the environment and animals by reforming factory farms

5. Promoting health by curbing junk-food marketing to kids

6. Supporting fair conditions for food and farm workers

Food Day is the beginning of a nationwide discussion about how to create a healthier food culture. With sky-rocketing levels of obesity and diabetes, as well as with increasing numbers of children experiencing food scarcity due to economic limitations, it's important that Congress takes part in this dialogue and works towards creating food practices that contribute to the health and safety of American families.

*For Food Day today, ask Congress to celebrate with you by supporting the Eat Real Agenda:

When it comes to food, and celebrating Food Day, don't forget to have fun! Experimenting with healthy foods can be a delicious opportunity for the whole family. Get your kids in the kitchen and try out one of these special Food Day recipes. Invite family and friends over for a healthy potluck, or go on a food adventure by exploring some new fruits and veggies with your family. For more information on Food Day, visit


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