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Did you hear about Senate committee hearing at the end of July?  It was kind of a big deal. Why?


For years environmental health activists, parents, bloggers, journalists, film-makers and scientists have been sounding the alarm about the over 80,000 untested chemicals found in your home, products, schools and child care centers--- and the harmful affects they have on our bodies, especially our children. We've seen exponential increases in learning difficulties, cancer, developmental delays, reproductive system problems, obesity, early puberty, and other problems. Many of these conditions have been linked to the cocktail of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, such as BPA, phthalates, parabens, asbestos, lead, chromium, flame retardants, and others.


No one listened (okay, maybe a few brave leaders did). But now? They are really listening.


The Senate Environmental and Public Works committee held a hearing called Strengthening Public Health Protections by Addressing Toxic Chemical Threats on July 31st. They heard from researchers, advocates, parents, and business representatives about our lack of regulation and the life-altering harm it is having on Americans.


MomsRisingTwitter-graphicWe let them know that parents are paying close attention and want to protect their families from harmful toxic chemicals. MomsRising along with our coalition partners put out a call to members to watch the hearing and write about it on Twitter.  And they showed up in droves, adding the highlights of the hearing, and the message: we care, we are watching, and we expect you to act to protect public health.


Here is some of our members and partners had to say on Twitter:

From actress Jennifer Beals: Please RT @SenatorTomUdall, as member of #EPW, will you help us fix & strengthen the #ChemSafetyAct and reform #TCSA#saferchemicals

From blogger and activist: @FlourSackMama: Empowering to watch history along with women across the nation! Email your Senator, call, tell friends #saferchemicals stronger bill needed

From (yours truly) Katy Farber: @Non_Toxic_Kids Linda Fisher--"Hate to see this opportunity to reform #TSCA pass" (I agree wholeheartedly!) #saferchemicals

From our policy partner: @SaferChemicals "No one in this country should be denied the right to live in a healthy environment." - NICE! Dorthy Felix @ActNow4MssVlle

From activist and author Stacy Maulkin: @safecosmetics Mossville residents breathe air with toxic substances 100 times higher than so called safe levels. #SaferChemicals @ActNow4MssVlle

From film maker:  @UnacceptableLev287 toxic chemicals are present in newborns at birth. #unacceptablefact #saferchemicals

From policy partner EWG: @ewgtoxics: How @DavidVitter #TSCA bill falls far short of protecting public health: #SaferChemicals


The twitter chat reached an astounding 500,000 people directly and had over 7.3 million impressions. #Saferchemicals trended on Twitter that day-- right after the promoted Smurf movie! Many of these tweets were from MomsRising members who were showing up, speaking out, and demanding action on chemical reform. Safer Chemicals, The Breast Cancer Fund, Environmental Working Group, Washington Toxics, and many other fantastic organizations tweeted, organized, testified, and coordinated this massive response. We couldn't be more proud to be part of this movement for children's health.


Our momentum is growing. We can't be ignored. Together, we can shape this legislation to be the most protective for children and families. Don't stop here-- sign our petition to Congress to strengthen the proposed Chemical Safety Improvement Act before it is too late. We've waited almost 4 decades for this chance-- and it may not come by again anytime soon.


Make your voice heard here, and we'll keep you up to date on the next chance to show leaders we are watching and demand that they protect children, families, and vulnerable populations from toxic chemicals.


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