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I’m one of those women who don’t really consider her ‘political’. In fact, that’s what I told Joan Blades and Kristin Rowe -Finkbeiner when we first met in Washington two years ago.
But, like so many other Americans worn down by the economy and urged on by my conscience, I had to choose; My future, or my apathy.

My future and the future of my kids won of course, and while I still don’t consider myself well versed on legal-ease and poli-jargon, I do think of myself as an advocate for women (and especially women who are mothers) in every sense of the word.

So, here I am. Adding my opinions to the collective voice. While I’m still getting over Hillary’s defeat, I realize the vote marches on. There was a brief moment, several months back, when Sarah Palin first stepped onto the stage, when I felt the rush of excitement over yet another woman standing in the spotlight this election season.

But, alas I am drawn back to my senses and realized quickly enough that she doesn’t stand for the kind of values I embrace; namely a women’s right to choose.

Besides, John McCain for all his service and heroism seems stuck in the past and angry about his circumstances. I already know enough at my age to stay away from angry men.

It looks like I’ll reluctantly jump on the Obama bandwagon, keeping my eyes on the future and my hand on the polling lever. P.S. I still love Hillary

You can see my band's video about the Hillary vote by logging onto (It's still on the homepage)

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