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Let's Talk About LGBTQ Family Economic Security!

June 23, 2016
Join us on Wednesday, June 29th at 2pm ET for a #WellnessWed Twitter Storm about LGBTQ Family Economic Security!
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Mamá A Dream in the Making

June 3, 2014
In May of 2006 I co-founded MomsRising with a mission of creating a multicultural movement of mothers – and of everyone who has ever had a mother! – to advance family economic security and to end discrimination against mothers. Since then, MomsRising has grown to a million members nationwide, including members in every state in our nation, who according to an analysis we commissioned, mirror the U.S. Census in terms of race and ethnicity.
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Mamá Un Sueño Haciéndose Realidad

June 2, 2014
En Mayo de 2006 fui cofundadora de MomsRising con la misión de crear un movimiento multicultural de madres – ¡y de todos los que hayan tenido una mamá! – para ayudar al avance de la seguridad económica familiar y para poner fin a la discriminación contra las madres. Desde entonces, MomsRising ha...
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Climate Change Is Here, Now, Affecting Us Intensely. Why Aren’t We Talking About It?

October 21, 2017
This piece originally appeared in the Daily Kos . To say that the last month has been intense is an understatement. I have family in Puerto Rico – my grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousins and the rest of my mother’s extended family– and like every other Puerto Rican on the island, they are feeling the...
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Quick Action: Tell Pres. Trump to stop sabotaging our health care system!

October 15, 2017
It’s maddening. On the heels of rolling back birth control protections for women last week through an executive order, President Trump issued another executive order to undo critical parts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare) that have made it easier for individuals to access affordable...
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Puerto Rican Imams Step Up for Puerto Rico: Part 2

October 13, 2017
This is part two of a two-part series on the Muslim community in Puerto Rico. Missed Part 1? Read it here . There are conflicting reports coming from the news media and the White House about the current situation in Puerto Rico, a territory of the US. Usually when any natural disaster strikes on US...
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Puerto Rican Imams Step Up for Puerto Rico: Part 1

October 13, 2017
Disappointed, pained, hurt, heartbroken, concerned, frustrated, helpless, desperate, angry, and powerless; these are just some of the words that Puerto Ricans living in the United States use to describe how they feel about the events unfolding on the island in the aftermath of Hurricane María. The...
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Puerto Rico: The Real Hunger Games

October 13, 2017
In the popular book turned movie, The Hunger Games, set in a post-apocalyptic world, the Capitol of Panem (bread in Latin), rules over thirteen nation-states referred to as districts. After one district attempts to ignite a rebellion against the Capitol, the ruling government obliterates it...
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MomsRising Commends Enactment of California Juvenile Justice Bill

October 12, 2017
Yesterday, California Gov. Jerry Brown took a major step to avoid compounding penalties for struggling families by signing SB 190, which ends the collection of administrative fees from families whose children end up in the juvenile justice system. Juvenile administrative fees are often devastating...
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#MaternalJustice Storify - Mothers, Kids and Pregnant Women in Detention

October 12, 2017
Conversation on immigration detention with the ACLU of San Diego & Women's Refugee Commission
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