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You're smart, not paranoid, to check your voter registration

July 17, 2018
Recently, I decided to do something I hadn’t done before. After seeing a post from a friend on Facebook that stated the person was unable to find her name on the voter registration database, I jumped on the Florida Department of State voter page to do a quick search, certain that I would find my...
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Top #5Actions of the Past Week: July 13. 2018

July 13, 2018
Happy Friday! We're back with our handy list of top actions from the past week, ready for you to review, sign and share. This week we're focusing on real solutions to paid family and medical leave, and speaking out about maternal health, as well as breastfeeding. We're also eager to hear your...
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When love doesn't pay the bills: Why supporting quality affordable childcare is good for all

July 16, 2018
Last month, I represented MomsRising as part of the first ever Grassroots Assembly on Childcare and Early Education. Seventy five policy and advocacy groups came together to discuss the state of childcare in America. We came from all over the country; from the inner city of Detroit, the beaches of...
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Building Partnerships at the Grassroots Movement for Child Care and Early Education

July 16, 2018
Last week I had the amazing opportunity to press pause on the day to day responsibilities of raising four young kids and juggling my work as the affiliate director of the New Hampshire Association for the Education of Young Children. I flew to Washington, D.C. with some of my favorite MomsRising...
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Take Action!
[photo of a baby breastfeeding]

QUICK SIGNATURE: Urge formula companies to put the health of moms & babes above profits!

July 13, 2018
Shocked. Infuriated. Dismayed. I went through the range of emotions when I heard about the United States’ opposition to a resolution supporting breastfeeding at the United Nations affiliated World Health Assembly . Once again, in this Administration, corporate interests are being put front and...
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8 Tips para comer saludablemente este verano

July 15, 2018
Todos estamos disfrutando del verano—los niños están de vacaciones, los días son largos y calurosos, y si tenemos suerte, nos vamos de vacaciones a lugares espectaculares. Nos divertimos mucho en el verano—toda la diversion no significa que tenemos que dejar a un lado los hábitos saludables. Aquí...
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8 Tips for Healthy Summer Eating

July 14, 2018
The summer is well under way—kids are out of school, the days are long, and hot. Just because we are having summer fun, doesn’t mean we can’t make healthy eating choices. We’ve prepared some tips to get the whole family to eat healthy this summer! TIP #1: Ditch the ice cream and opt for: popsicles...
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How to Talk to Kids About Violence, Crime, and War

July 11, 2018
Mass shootings. Nuclear weapons. A robbery at your local corner store. Where do you start when you have to explain this stuff to your kids? Today, issues involving violence, crime, and war -- whether they're in popular shows, video games, books, or news coverage -- reach even the youngest kids. And...
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