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Paid Sick Days: Coming to a City or State near YOU on July 1st!

June 29, 2017
Do you hear that? Celebratory fireworks are going off early this year! And no, it's not your over-eager neighbors this time. On July 1st, *SIX* new paid sick days laws will go into effect!
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#Disability Blog Carnival - Living in a post ADA world

July 26, 2016
Nearly 20 percent of Americans are living with a disability, and countless others are deeply involved in caring for and supporting individuals affected by disability. Last year we celebrated 25 years from the passage of the Americans with Disability Act. We highlighted many successes, while...
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Leader Pelosi, House Democrats, MomsRising to Discuss Impacts of #GOPTaxScam

December 5, 2017
Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats and MomsRising advocates will hold a press conference tomorrow in the H-207, the Rayburn Room at 10:30 a.m. E.T. on the negative impact of the #GOPTaxScam on children and families. Who: Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi House Democrats MomsRising...
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Congress: Reject Workflex in the 21st Century Act!

December 5, 2017
MomsRising statement on the deceptively-named "Workflex in the 21st Century Act."
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Access to Healthy Communities - #MaternalJustice Tweetchat 4.24.17

December 4, 2017
This tweetchat is about access to health, which is one of the core tenets of our #MaternalJustice campaign. Access to health means access to safe communities and environments. Black women in poor communities don’t have safe spaces to work out and focus on their health. Safe spaces don’t only...

Maternal Justice Chat 3.27.17 on Medicaid & Maternal Morbidity/Mortality

December 4, 2017
A conversation on how supporting Medicaid bolsters the health of black and brown communities.

Maternal Justice Chat 2.27.17 Justice for Ramarley

December 4, 2017
It’s been five years since 18 year old Ramarley Graham was followed and killed in his own home by NYPD Officer Haste. To this day, there has been no justice, even when police actions after the shooting pointed to a cover up. MomsRising, Ramarley Graham’s mother, Constance Malcolm, and The Justice...

Maternal Justice Chat 1.30.17 on ACA/Medicaid and Maternal Health

December 4, 2017
A conversation where we discuss ACA/Medicaid and Maternal Health with a focus on the impact on black women.

Tax Bill the U.S. Senate Passed Is Destructive for Our Country

December 3, 2017
Last night, U.S. Senate Republicans made it clear that their loyalties lie with big corporations and the wealthiest 1 percent, not with moms, women, working families, or our economy. The tax plan they passed would punish the middle class, devastate essential programs that boost our health care,...
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“I just can’t sit here and yell at the TV”

November 28, 2017
Today, we’re celebrating Giving Tuesday by honoring our dedicated KeepMarching leaders and volunteer advocates like you, many of whom have deepened their commitment to change through our KeepMarching program. And we’re inviting supporters like you to help MomsRising keep opening avenues for bold...
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#KeepMarching: It’s a Year End Match!

Rise up to protect women and families in America. Make a contribution to MomsRising between now and midnight on Dec. 31, and your gift will be immediately matched by another generous donor!

A $25 gift becomes $50. Your $100 gift become $200!

Thank you. Your support means everything to us.

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