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Louisiana ranks 51st among all states and DC for moms in the workforce

May 10, 2015
A new report by WalletHub analyzed state dynamics across 12 key metrics to identify the Best & Worst States for Working Moms. I'm disappointed to report that Louisiana ranks 51st (including the District of Columbia). The report asks a serious question: Workplace inequality is important not only...
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Helen Chávez recuerda a las trabajadoras agrícolas en el Día de las Madres

May 8, 2015
Cuando mi esposo César Chávez y yo ayudamos a fundar la union de campesinos ("United Farm Workers" en inglés) en 1962, quedó claro que el sindicato era para hombres y mujeres por igual. Por eso, que mejor ocasión que el Día de las Madres para recordar a las mujeres y madres por las que sigue...
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This Mother’s Day, Honor Your Mother’s Commitment to Putting Your Family First

May 8, 2015
Growing up in Jackson, Mississippi, I remember seeing my mom, a single mom, struggle to support us three kids by working multiple jobs, mostly manual labor in shipping and receiving at large warehouses. My mom worked incessantly, but because of abysmal wages, those long hours never paid off. We...
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21 Million Moms Benefit from Low-Income Tax Credits

May 8, 2015
Honor millions of moms this Mother's Day by taking action to improve their economic security. Help save low-income tax credits, raise the minimum wage, and provide paid leave and paid sick days for low-income mothers.
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Helen Chavez remembers women farm workers on Mother’s Day

May 8, 2015
When my husband, Cesar Chavez, and I helped begin the United Farm Workers in 1962, it was clear that the union was equally for women and men. So what better time than Mother’s Day to remember the women and mothers the UFW is still fighting for. Nowhere do women farm workers need more protection...
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Instead of A Card

May 7, 2015
Mothers In Charge is turning pain into power by launching a new effort to focus resources on the root causes of violence and promote healing.
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Fate of Home Care Services Hangs on Aides Securing Labor Protections

May 7, 2015
This was to be the year that President Obama’s promise to extend minimum wage and overtime protections to home care workers would finally be realized. On January 1, the vast majority of these workers – who provide vital in-home support to elders and people with disabilities – would no longer be exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.
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Are you over-managing your life?

May 5, 2015
"Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on." ― Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose A few year ago, I led a telecourse on how to let go and go with the flow (available for download now ). I was motivated to facilitate this class...
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What MOMentum Has Accomplished in 2015 (So Far!)!

May 4, 2015
Well, you’ve done it again. And this time, you even got everyone in the U.S. Senate to agree on something. Every. Single. Senator. Yes, you heard that right! All members of the U.S. Senate actually agreed on something... and that something was the fact that pregnant workers shouldn't be...
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Take Action!

Boost our economy! Tell Congress to Raise the Wage!

April 30, 2015
The Raise the Wage Act boosts our economy and our families by raising the wages of 37.7 million workers, 75% of which are moms. Now we need YOU to speak out and tell Congress to support this bill!
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